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10 Low Investment Business that Require No Inventory (2020 Update)

This article is about the top 10 different ways you can start your low investment business without requiring any inventory.
This article is about the top 10 different ways you can start your low investment business without requiring any inventory.


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  2. 10 Low Investment Business that Requires No Inventory
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We understand the tedious task lists that come in your mind when you think about starting your own low investment business. However, the time you spent on along with your best investment plan depends on your business idea and risks involved. In this article, we have various low investment business that you can work on the side without dropping anything else. Those looking for entry points but has a tight schedule; these best investment options could work.

One can dodge various conventional steps with these low investment business ideas like inventory, warehousing, retail space, and different other startup costs. However, you will need to work on a solid plan, building brand name, marketing, customer service, and the like.

10 Low Investment Business that Requires No Inventory

1. Get a Partner for Dropshipping

Low Investment Business

For a person who is running his small investment business, handling an inventory could be a challenging commitment. However, if you get a third party supplied to manage the storage and shipment of your list, it could be a huge relief. Because then you only need to work on sales and passing orders to your suppliers. There is no requirement of handling those orders yourself.

For starters, you can get products from various suppliers to your e-commerce store with a specific theme. This way, whenever a customer buys your product, you transfer that order directly to your suppliers who get it fulfilled on your behalf. Make sure you partner wisely and establish a trustworthy relationship with them. If you make a poor choice with the suppliers, then there are high chances that it will affect poorly on your brand name. It is great to initiate a low investment business before actually investing in your product for testing.

2. Print-on-demand Products

Low Investment Business

For this low investment business idea, you can focus on your creative designs to make original products. However, you could still use the above mentioned dropshipping method for your inventory and logistics to another supplier. You could sell customized goods like t-shirts, hats, phone covers, laptop and tablet cases, jackets, bags, and more. Try to find as many passionate communities and try to customize designs that resemble them for more potential business. There are various platforms related to Print-on-Demand with whom you can easily collaborate.

3. Publish A Book

Low Investment Business

If you think thoroughly about it, a book is just like any other product. There are various genres in which you could launch your text, including cooking, comics, poetry, and more. Just put your knowledge and creativity on your table to bring your quality book in the market. There are various platforms available online that will let you create and launch your book in both e-book and paperback forms.

4. Sell e-products and courses

Low Investment Business

With digital products, you don’t have to worry about its manufacturing, shipping because they are not physical. There various digital products you could sell online like music, templates, photos, guidance, courses, and more. The idea is to know which product is good and useful enough that people will pay to get it. Think about any talent you got that you can use it to get some extra income and grow your low investment business.

5. Print-on-demand Posters, Wall Art or any Artwork

For those with an artistic side can use this business idea to let others pay to get his artwork. Make sure you have the right over a content you are selling, or you are selling it via public domain assets. If you have an engaged fan following, then you are more likely to get success in this business. There are various platforms you can use to display your products like greeting cards, posters, and frames without taking the printouts of each product.

6. Start a Non-profit Business

You will get a unique position in your respective industry if your company is associated with a mission. Address the issues you care about most, and try setting aside some of your profit for that cause. Customers are more inclined towards brands that are associated with a good and charitable cause. You can run your own business or take any low investment business idea from this article and execute any socially good work. You can also share the impact of your customers, supporting your excellent work through blog posts or your company’s website as part of your marketing strategy.

7. Service-based Business

Your time is your inventory and investment in this business. This low investment business is easier for those who got skills that are in demand by the public or market. You could be in any profession, writing, designing, developing, photography, cleaning, training to build your business in your area. There are more chances of getting high income if you can collaborate your service through physical or digital goods. This way, your salary won’t take up too much time as well. There are various marketplaces for freelancers to increase your chances of getting discovered by those who need your skills.

8. Online Style Shop

Low Investment Business

This idea is excellent for people who love fashion and is willing to sell their sense of style online. Create an online fashion store by acquiring various items from other sellers. This way, you don’t have to create your designs and could ease your work using dropshipping. You could sell clothes, shoes, accessories and more and market them using various social media platforms for your low investment business. If you are popular in these portals, you could also go for trend-setting as part of your marketing strategy.

9. Online Store for Handcrafted and Homemade Products

Online Store for Handcrafted and Homemade Products

You can create your niche market through your DIY soap, sauces, pottery, candles, and more. Here in this low investment business, the production and development are in your hand. You will still have to think of a way to manage shipping and inventory for your products. However, you can initiate this business with a simple per-order basis on a small-batch until you start generating consistent sales with established demand for your products.

10. Monetize with Audience in Manifold Methods

Low Investment Business

You have a unique talent if you can get and keep the attention of your audience in today’s world. Many businesses are willing to pay using which you can generate multiple revenues. You could grow your audience through various channels like your blog, via YouTube, Instagram, or numerous platforms to monetize your audience. You could do sponsored posts, become an affiliate, sell various products, and many others. This idea may take months to grow for you to figure it out thoroughly. However, you don’t need millions of followers to get started.


You can quickly get success in business when you focus more on a particular and popular niche, proper pricing, and learning as your zero investment business grows. Use these approaches to start making some extra income with low investment and inventory-related commitments. You can combine these ideas and start your business using a resourceful way. Start your own business with our small investment and inventory free business ideas to get some extra income and grow further.