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6 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online with Google (In 2020)

There are several ways in which a person can earn money through google. Some popular ones have been covered in this article.
There are several ways in which a person can earn money through google. Some popular ones have been covered in this article.


  1. Introduction
  2. How to earn money from google?
  3. Conclusion


Google has become the unscathed champion of the online world. People have depended on Goggle for various things, and the latest one is to earn money online with Google. Google spends millions of dollars each passing year, paying content creators and publishers across the globe, and there are a million others who are employed on online Google jobs. Some people consider working part-time while some take up a full-time job with online Google jobs. Listed below are a few methods which can help you answer the question-

How to earn money from google?

1. Google AdSense

Earn money from google

The most well-known and obvious tip on how to earn money online with google is through Google AdSense.

The purpose- to put it plainly, Google AdSense enables ads on your website. The number of ads need not be too much as even a few of them can make you earn a decent amount of money. The advertisements are by the theme and context of your website. For instance- a site about fitness will also have ads related to fitness and diet options.

Taking this method up can be a little time-consuming as the rewards are not immediate. To enable ads on your website, it must have a minimum count of 10,000 views. The higher the number of views, the greater is the reach of the site, and therefore the advertisement will also reach a wider audience. After your website starts recording a higher number of views, you may get it registered with Google AdSense. However, you should keep a note of these few points when looking to work with Google AdSense-

1. Google AdSense does not work for WordPress blogs. For that, you will have to use WordAds.

2. Monetary profits will not come easy. You will have to work towards making your website user friendly and keep on updating it with the latest, relevant, and comprehensible content. Once your account gets approved with Google AdSense, you will make money every time a viewer will click on an ad displayed on your website.

Signup for Google AdSense here.

2. YouTube

Youtube is the most addictive and attractive source of entertainment with us, and as it is well known that bloggers and content creators have been earning a fortune through youtube. Take a look at these necessary steps to follow-

1. Create your youtube channel.

2. Make a video and upload it. Get creative to garner enough views and subscribers. You will need sufficient knowledge of video SEO to increase your viewers and subscribers.

3. After hitting a good subscriber base, apply for Google AdSense. Alternatively, if you gain recognition as a youtube vlogger, you may get to sponsor several brands and companies.

Signup for a Youtube account here.

3. Google Blogger

How to earn money from google?

Google Blogger is a free platform that helps people make money out of creating blogs. You must master working on BlogSpot. From fashion to technology, the topic for your blogs can be anything under the sky. What you need to have is the requisite skills and knowledge so that your blogs can attract considerable viewership. Learn SEO tactics to improve your rankings, and once this is accomplished, you may get registered for AdSense or AdWords.

Signup for Google Blogger here.

4. Selling Apps on Google Play

Earn money with google

There are apps for almost every need of ours. They have kept us hooked and turned our lives easier, too, by managing our tasks. Apps can also make you earn money from google. If you have the spark and capability along with the right ideas, you now have a platform to unleash it where it will not only be utilized but also be a source of making money. Gaming apps, entertainment-related apps, information, cooking, financial transactions, booking of tickets, etc. all these activities can be performed sitting at home through apps. All you have to do is build an app, get it listed on google play and start earning out of it. Of course, this will not happen in an instant, and you will need to make these efforts to reach your goals.

1. First, you will have to create a google wallet merchant account.

2. Open the section- financial reports- after signing in successfully.

3. Click on the option to create your merchant account.

4. Lastly, you may upload your app now with a price and start gaining money. Enable in-app purchases for bourgeoning profits.

Signup for Google Play developer account here.

5. Search Engine Evaluator

Search Engine Evaluator

In your job as a search engine evaluator, you will have to assess webpages and ads. The payment will vary from company to company; however, the average for an hour is $12. To start as an evaluator, you may begin with companies like- Appen and Lionbridge.

6. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards – An app that lets you earn money simply by expressing your views on a survey. You will have to download the app for this. Get yourself registered, after which you will start getting notifications about various surveys. You may choose one and participate in it. At the end of it, you will receive your credit on either google play or PayPal. The credit amount is usually up to- $1.00. In India, the minimum amount paid is Rs. 10. This is not a regular means to earn money and can be taken up as a part-time job.
There are other ways apart from the ones mentioned above through which you can earn money online with Google. Google Play is an indirect way, which is the most advantageous to online stores and e-commerce. The second method is through Google Maps, where you can write location reviews and details, or post photos.

Check out Google Opinion Rewards here.


It is after years of excellent outcomes and performances, which have made Google earn people’s faith. In all of the above-listed methods, one thing is common- the more views or support you have, the better you will earn. Some people might be skeptical of adopting these methods to make money on google. But Google has emerged as the top player in every field, including one of online earnings with a hundred percent honesty and no fraud. All you have to do is find a method that matches your tastes, one which you are the most comfortable with and dedicate your time and energy into building it into a success.