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Apple Introduces RCS Support in Latest iOS 18 Beta

Apple adds RCS support in iOS 18 beta, enhancing Messages with high-quality media, typing indicators, and read receipts. Initially for U.S. carriers, it unifies messaging across iPhone and Android devices.

Photo by Zhiyue / Unsplash

Enhanced Messaging Capabilities

Apple has added support for Rich Communication Services (RCS) in the second developer beta of iOS 18, enhancing its Messages app. RCS allows users to send high-quality images, see typing indicators, get read receipts, and start group chats. This update enables iPhone users to text and share files with any device that supports RCS, including most Android phones.

Limited Initial Rollout

Initially, RCS support is limited to U.S. carriers such as T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. Users with the iOS 18 developer beta can see the RCS toggle, but it will only work if their carrier supports RCS and has updated their network bundle for iOS 18. Apple plans to extend RCS support to other regions in the future.

A Step Towards Unified Messaging

The addition of RCS addresses a long-standing request from both iPhone and Android users for a more unified messaging experience. Messages from Android devices will still appear as green bubbles in iMessage, maintaining the distinction between SMS/MMS and iMessage.

Google has been advocating for Apple to adopt RCS to bridge the gap and provide a seamless messaging experience across devices.