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This article provides you with a guide on Aptitude Questions and Answers and how they are an important part of your career.
This article provides you with a guide on Aptitude Questions and Answers and how they are an important part of your career.


  1. What are Aptitude questions and tests
  2. Importance of aptitude questions in your career
  3. Aptitude questions and answers
  4. India’s biggest work from home aptitude questions test by KillerLaunch

What are Aptitude questions and tests?

Aptitude defined as the acquired ability of an individual to think and perform specific tasks. Aptitude questions are the type that tests the specific Aptitude skill of an individual. These Aptitude questions and tests include many topics numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, accuracy, method of solving problems, and many such abilities.

Commonly, these Aptitude tests challenge the students about their personal opinions, skill set, weak points, and other innate abilities. These aptitude questions are thus a method of measuring an individual’s weakness and different psychometric skills. A popular way of giving out Aptitude questions are through multiple-choice questions. The applicant or the student has to choose the right one.

Aptitude guides you towards a stable career

Usually, Aptitude questions and tests are taken by an individual to identify their strong and weak points. This, in turn, can be used to get a better understanding of the type of career that individuals should choose according to their potential. For example, if a student scores an above-average score on spatial Aptitude questions, they can quickly get into Architecture or Design and creativity.

Importance of aptitude questions in your career

Taking up an Aptitude test and practicing a lot of aptitude questions is fruitful in the end as Aptitude questions have their advantages and a lot of them.

In most multinational companies, Aptitude questions and tests are given to their employees to monitor their growth and bring out their inner potential. Most of the companies even have a round of interviews dedicated only to Aptitude questions and tests.

Here are the advantages of taking up an Aptitude test:

  • Keeps you informed of your Aptitude results: The first thing companies do while hiring you is to check your Aptitude skills. A set of aptitude questions given, and you have to solve them in a given time. This determines your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Determining your position: Have you ever wondered if you are right for the job? Well, that dilemma will be cleared soon after you take up an Aptitude test. These Aptitude questions determine your interests and your strengths.
  • What to focus on: Many companies conduct regular Aptitude questions and answers session. This is done to determine the employee’s interest and to assign them a specific project according to their attention.
  • To get into a better position: answering Aptitude questions and taking up tests prove your worth and value in your company. Hence, this leads to a hike in your salary and promotion.
  • Switching to a different career field: If you always feel that the area you are working on doesn’t suit you, it is advisable to answer a few Aptitude questions. This can clear up your doubts and guide you to a better future.
  • Bringing out your inner talents: Most of us haven’t figured out our innate and original skills. Answering a bunch of aptitude tests can be helpful as you uncover the hidden talents and abilities while answering the Aptitude questions.
  • Helps the counselor render specific results: If you have observed, soon after people get tired of their jobs and think about quitting it and starting a new career in a completely different field, the first they do is visit a career counselor. This is the best thing to do. And, taking up the aptitude questions during counseling helps narrow down the careers you are interested in. Hence, this helps the counselor render specific and relevant results.

Limitations of aptitude questions and tests

Even though answering aptitude questions and attending aptitude tests is highly beneficial for an individual, it has cons. The limitations and disadvantages of aptitude questions are given below:

  • Imagine a pupil or a student is given an aptitude test in his/her high-school or college. Now, even though these aptitude questions seem easier there, the environment and surroundings is entirely different during actual interviews. Hence, the student might succumb to stress, which in turn boosts his indecisiveness further. This directly affects the interview as most of the aptitude questions answered would be wrong. This is one of the most critical limitations of aptitude questions.
  • Aptitude questions are solely based on possibilities and probabilities. There is never any certainty in these possibilities. Hence, a top-scorer or an above-average student might not top the aptitude tests while a below-average student manages or tends to top the aptitude tests. Therefore, the career decision is not solely based on aptitude questions.
  • As mentioned in the previous point, your career is not solely based on aptitude tests. Hence, it is essential to factor in your knowledge in the field, and your punctuality, and many more. Aptitude is just a minor part of interviews which filters out the candidates.

Aptitude questions and answers

You can learn, answer, and practice a range of aptitude questions here. All the freshers and even graduates preparing for an interview and recruitment tests can visit this website to prepare for the company’s recruitment aptitude tests.

In this site, you can easily find a range of aptitude questions to refer to and practice. A few examples of the types of aptitude questions are :

  • General Aptitude MCQs
  • Mathematical Aptitude questions with answers
  • Quantitative Aptitude questions and answers with a complete explanation
  • Aptitude questions specifically designed for engineering students.

These Aptitude questions help you enhance your logical thinking and even your arithmetic skills. All you have to do is visit the website and search for the specific Aptitude questions you are looking for. There are Aptitude questions based on time and distance, problems on trains, ratio, and even partnership.

As mentioned before, the candidates and applicants must clear the first round of interviews based on Aptitude questions and tests. To help all the applicants, we have dedicated a separate Aptitude section.

This is essential as many applicants perfectly fit for a position in a company couldn’t get the job as they failed to clear the Aptitude round. Hence, it is vital to focus on Aptitude questions. This site provides the required material to practice. It even gives you the answers to the Aptitude questions—an explanation on how to solve different problems also given on the website. Hence, after taking up the practice rounds of aptitude questions, clearing the Aptitude rounds in the interview would be a walk in the park.

Work From Home Aptitude Questions Test by KillerLaunch

killerlaunch aptitude questions test

One of the leading job portals, KillerLaunch, has taken up an initiative to launch a Work From Home Aptitude test. This Aptitude questions and tests can be taken only once by anyone in the country. Employers can then access the score of the applicant to hire them based on their performance.

The candidate has to clear a few requirements to take up the test. These requirements indicated on the official website of KillerLaunch.

KillerLaunch is organizing this Aptitude test across India to bring out the innate potentials and skills of their applicants.

The Aptitude tests will contain 35 Aptitude questions and are given approximately five to fifteen seconds for each item. As mentioned above, the rest will take place for forty-five days, and the top thirteen applicants would be considered as toppers. The top scorers get cash prizes worth fifty thousand and exciting opportunities to get placed for the senior positions in a company.

Click here to test your aptitude skills now.

As mentioned above, Aptitude questions can not be stressed enough. One of the essential rounds of interviews includes solving Aptitude questions within a given amount of time. The score of the test is a significant factor in securing a job. Hence, every applicant is advised to take up an Aptitude test.