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Arc Search: The New AI-Powered iPhone Browser

Arc Search, the latest AI-powered iPhone browser, offers innovative features such as "Browse for Me" to simplify web searches and deliver well-structured information. Learn about its unique capabilities and future plans.

The Browser Company, known for its Arc browser, has unveiled a new mobile app called Arc Search, designed to enhance the search experience for iPhone users. This innovative browser focuses on providing users with a unique search companion that leverages AI-powered features to streamline information retrieval.

"Browse for Me" - Your Personal Webpage Builder

One standout feature of Arc Search is "Browse for Me." This AI-powered capability generates well-structured webpages with comprehensive information about a user's search query. Using models from OpenAI and other sources, the feature scans at least six web pages and compiles a new page with distinct sections.

For example, if you search for "How to make a perfectly poached egg," Arc Search creates a page with sections like "Ingredients and Tools," "Poaching technique," "Cooking process," and additional tips. The page also includes valuable photos and videos related to the query.

Additionally, when you inquire about topics like "What changes Apple made to the App Store in response to DMA," Arc Search provides a concise summary of the key announcements made by Apple.

Effortless Search with AI Assistance

Arc Search not only offers informative pages at a glance but also includes a "Dive Deeper" section for exploring additional links related to the topic. However, currently, users can't share these pages with others except by taking screenshots.

For those who prefer traditional search engines, the app allows users to tap on the query and use Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, or Ecosia as their default search engine.

Reader Mode, Bookmarks, and Tab Management

The browser features a reader mode for easy reading and allows users to bookmark webpages. However, it lacks a folder system for organizing bookmarks. Arc Search also automatically archives tabs after one day (customizable), aiming to prevent tab overload. Users can access their open tabs through the tab switcher on the bottom bar or swipe from the left edge of the screen.

Blocking Annoyances and Privacy Concerns

Arc Search takes user experience seriously by automatically blocking GDPR and newsletter popups, ads, and trackers. This can be set as the default on iPhones.

Arc's Vision: A Fast and Intelligent Browser

The Browser Company's CEO, Josh Miller, explained that Arc Search was designed to be the fastest way to access information, as this is the primary use of mobile browsers. The browser features a centrally located search bar that opens with a keyboard, enabling users to begin typing their queries instantly.

Arc Search aims to create an interactive experience with an AI agent that simplifies the process of searching, summarizing content, and presenting it effectively. This approach combines elements of Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) and Perplexity AI, merging summarization and content creation with browsing capabilities.

The mobile companion for saving links will continue to exist alongside Arc Search, but the company plans to merge both browser clients in the future. Arc also intends to introduce cross-browser syncing, offering users a unified experience across devices.

With these developments, Arc strives to provide a seamless and user-friendly browsing experience, emphasizing convenience and efficiency.