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Bar Council pleads the Government for Free WiFi & laptops for e-Filing and Virtual Hearings

Bar council

Bar Council of India (1) has pleaded to the Centre to provide them the latest iPads and laptops to their lawyers across India. They have asked the government to offer them free and useful WiFi connections in the Bar Council premises. With the move, they aim to advance their scanners and computer systems for e-Filing and Virtual Hearing.

The bar body has also passed the demand in a resolution to the Supreme court and high courts. They have demanded that the courts take the necessary steps to resume hearings as per the places’ conditions.

Besides the laptops and iPads, the bar has urged the government to supply free WiFi connections in their offices. They have requested the same to union government in collaboration with the state governments. As per the request, the government required to provide necessary iPads or laptops to all the needy lawyers of India. The purpose is for e-filing and virtual hearings from their private space home, offices, etc.

Bar Council: the Move Would Facilitate the e-filings and Virtual Hearings.

Bar Council has also requested that the government provide free WiFi connections in the bar associations premises along with advanced scanners and computer systems. They have asked for at least two in all two district courts, four in high courts, and one in courts of taluka. Manan Kumar Mishra, the Chairman of Bar Council India, stated that the move would facilitate the e-filings and virtual hearing for those without proper infrastructure.

The resolution further said that places, where the COVID_19 situation is under control, will resume the physical courts soon. In the meetings, Bar Council has also requested SC and high courts to take early steps to continue court hearing as per the condition of the regions.

The high court e-committees are requested the Bar Council to ensure two expert trainers for the Indian bar associations. The trainers would trainer the bar members to adapt to e-filing and virtual hearings.