10 Best Foods for Weight Loss that work like magic

Struggling with your weight? We have got all covered for you. In this article, we talk about 10 Best Foods For Weight Loss. To know more about how to shred those kilos just by eating, read the article.

People usually think that food can make you gain weight. But that’s not at all true. Thus, today in this article, we have talked about 10 best foods for Weight Loss

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Want to know ‘what to eat to lose weight’? Read the article NOW!


Best Foods for Weight loss – An Introduction

Weight loss is not a piece of cake. If you think only exercise and diet will help you, then NO, it is not correct.

There are tons of other factors that affect your weight loss journey. 


Some of the factors that affect your weight loss journey are:

  1. Your body type
  2. Lifestyle/ Way of living
  3. Your metabolic rate
  4. Physical Activity
  5. Your Diet Plan


There are several people out there, struggling in every possible way to lose their weight. But not all people can do so.

weight loss foods

Food can really help you kickstart your weight loss journey right away. 

But not all foods.

Only Some of them.

That is what we are talking about in today’s article – Best Foods for weight loss!

If you think you can eat anything and start losing weight, sorry guys, you are highly mistaken!

That’s not true.

Every food item has different calorie content. 

To be more clear, different food items go via different metabolic paths in our bodies.

That is why you must eat nutritious foods.

Foods that are low in calorie content and high in nutrition will work wonders for your weight loss.

If you ask any expert dietician about ‘what to eat to lose weight,’ you will surely get to hear the word ‘SUPERFOODS’ in the answer.


So what are Superfoods?

Superfoods are food items (mostly plant-based but also some fish and dairy) that nutritionally dense and thus good for our health.


What to eat for Weight Loss?

If you are DAMM serious about your weight loss, you have to rip off those extra calories from your diet.


You can never lose weight by eating burgers and fries.

burgers and fries


How much to Eat?

Secondly, you should not only think about what to eat, how much you eat also matters a lot.

If you plan to eat healthily, do not eat a lot. Limit your cravings. 

Excess of anything(even healthy food) is terrible.


When to eat?

Last but not least, when do you eat?

A proper eating schedule is essential for an overall healthy body.

Maintain a definite schedule, eat according to that, and notice some serious (amazing) changes in your body and weight.

Let’s talk about the Best food for Weight Loss!


10 Best Foods for Weight Loss

1) Celery


Celery has a lot to offer to your weight loss journey. It is probably the best food for weight loss.

#Why should you eat Celery?

Eating Celery will benefit you in several ways because,

  1. Celery has low-calorie content.
  2. It contains various inflammation-lowering antioxidants.
  3. Antioxidants in Celery will help you fight free radicals(which cause severe health conditions like cancer).
  4. Celery contains ‘apiuman,’ a compound that supports gastrointestinal health.


You must include Celery in your diet. Celery has not only low calorie content but also a high fiber content. It will keep you full.


2) Kombucha


The main reason Kombucha made to this list of best foods for weight loss is that it contains tons of probiotics.

According to some researchers, probiotics are the only possible way to lose weight.

Why so?

Probiotics support good bacterias in your gut (intestines). Thus, if not only keeps you fresh but also keeps you healthy, moving, and content.


A healthy gut is essential for an overall healthy body. That is why Kombucha is excellent for your weight loss.


3) Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds

There are high chances that many of you reading this, have not heard of chia seeds before.

But believe me, they are dynamite when it comes to weight loss.

And you, why?

Because Chia seeds are highly rich in fiber content

In fact, you might not believe this, but one tablespoon of Chia Seeds is equivalent to the 10 grams of fiber(40% of our recommended daily intake).

If you want to include Chia seeds in your diet, start adding them in your daily smoothies/yogurt. (This is a better way to consume chia seeds rather than sprinkling them on your salad).


Chia Seeds are a storehouse of fiber. They will seriously make you feel full (because they expand in water).


4) Ghee


Do not get surprised to see Ghee is this list of ‘Best Foods for weight loss.’

In most Indian families, it is believed that Ghee will make you healthy (absolute truth).

But not only healthy, but Ghee will also help you in shedding those extra kilos.

But WHY?

The simple answer to this is Ghee is an alternative of butter.

It does not contain cow milk protein and sugar lactose. And that is why it is incredibly healthy for us.


If you want to consume a lactose-free diet, Ghee is one of the best options you have. Ghee is terrific for weight loss as it is saturated fat.


5) Oatmeal


A bowl of oatmeal gives you the equivalent amount of protein as the egg does.

Oatmeal is an excellent choice for breakfast as it will help you in weight loss and make full and reduce your cravings to eat.

You can even mix-match oatmeal with different food items to consume a healthier breakfast than usual. 

For instance, sprinkle some chia seeds/ berries on oatmeal, and you are good to go.


A full cup of oatmeal in the breakfast is the best way to stay away from extra cravings and lose weight.


6) Eggs


Eggs are the best-known source of protein.

But not only protein, but they are also one of the best possible ways to reduce weight.

Why so?

Eggs are the best foods for weight loss because they have high protein content, low calorie content, low carbs.

Also, they have thousands of amino acids, antioxidants, and healthy fats.


Eggs are nutritious and filling. In comparison to other breakfast options like bread and bagels, eggs are way healthier.


7) Quinoa


As far as grains(fibers) are concerned, Quinoa is the best available option for a high-fiber and nutritious food item.

So, if you are searching about what to eat for weight loss, you must consider Quinoa as having fiber, No carbs, and lots of nutrition.

It is one of those few plants that give us a complete set of amino acids.


Quinoa is one of the best foods for weight loss as it contains amino acids that directly convert into muscle in our bodies.


8) Green Tea

Green Tea

One of the most famous best foods for weight is green tea.

This healthy beverage is best for shrinking your belly/waist as it contains catechins.

Catechins are a type of antioxidant that restricts your belly fay storage and encourages rapid weight loss.


Green tea is one of the scientists’ approved food items that help in shedding those extra kilos. It is a must addition in your weight loss diet.


9) Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

According to the researchers, consuming two spoons of coconut oil daily will reduce your waist size by an average of 1.1 inches in a month or two.

Isn’t that amazing!

Coconut oil is saturated fat, and hence, if you are searching for ‘what to eat for weight loss?’, then you should undoubtedly try coconut oil once.


You can switch coconut oil with your regular cooking oil if you want to lose weight. 


10) Dark Chocolate

I know this point will be a relief to all those who thought they would have to ditch sweets to lose weight.

You can surely consume dark chocolate on your mission to lose weight.

According to a Mediterranean diet, consuming two servings of dark chocolates in a day will help you reduce your waist size.

Besides weight loss, eating dark chocolate will keep you away from the risk of diabetes, heart-related disease, and mortality.


Next time you shop for chocolates, pick only those with at least 70% of cocoa. Dark chocolates are those secret weight-loss weapons that will keep your cravings satisfied during your weight loss journey.


Conclusion – What to eat to lose weight? 

Weight loss is not as easy as it seems.

Only those people who are struggling with this can understand.

But you have to try, no matter whatever it takes.

The list of best foods for weight loss in the above article is a tip for all those people out there who find it tough to do rigorous gym routines and, at the same time, want to lose weight.

Include these food items in your routine and follow the weight loss plan diligently. 

All the best!

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Devanshi Singh
Devanshi Singh
Alongside her graduation, she is pursuing her passion for content writing. She is young, raw, and continuously thriving for the best. Her hobbies include debates and travelling. Despite these nerdy things, she also likes to netflix and chill.

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