1. Hotel booking apps in India
  2. POyou should remember while booking hotels
  3. Top 8 best hotel booking apps
  4. Hotel Booking apps FAQs

Hotel booking app in India

From trivago to, we have thousands of hotel booking apps in India.

Thre are multiple online apps that help you book hotels quickly and effortlessly all across the world.

All you should know to do is search for a good hotel booking app on Google, install it, open the official website, and ultimately book your paradise in just a few simple clicks.

Hotel booking apps make it easy for us to browse through thousands of hotels, set your preferences, and book a fantastic hotel based on your needs and budget.

Points to remember while booking hotels

There are a few bullet points that you must keep in mind while booking a hotel via hotel booking apps.

  • Budget

You should set your budget beforehand and look for the best hotels in your range. If you don’t set your budget previously, you might end up booking a much expensive and average hotel than regular.

  • Know your needs

You must know what kind of hotel you need- a family hotel or a couple of suit or solo room.

  • Look for several additional things like
  1. If the meals are included in the package or not.
  2. Are you getting any sort of discount or family de
  3. Are there additional facilities like gym, spa, swimming pool and much more.

Top 8 best hotel booking apps

Though their many hotels booking apps in India, you must not compromise with the quality. Hence, we are here with the list of top 10 best hotel booking apps to ease your hotel hunt.

1) Trivago

You must have heard the name trivago. Trivago has become a household name in India. It calls itself’ the world’s largest hotel search engine.’

You can easily compare several hotel prices to pick the best one all across the world. They provide you with the feature of customized search that helps the users to save their time. Trivago is entirely free and has over 45 million users.

Check out the official website of this hotel booking app here.

2) Goibibo

Goibibo is an immensely popular hotel booking site. They have thousands of hotels registered on their websites. They probably have the best deals and offer affordable hotels all across the world.

You can brose various hotels based on your preferences. If you are looking for hotels for your next trip after this lockdown, do visit Goibibo.

Check out the official website of this hotel booking app here.

3) Expedia

Expedia is probably the best hotel booking site in India. When it comes to the value of the hotel booking site, Expedia is unbeatable if you compare Expedia’s reward programs with those of the other websites, then you will notice this.  You can quickly sort hotels based on pricing, ratings, distance, and much more.

Check out the official website of this hotel booking app here.

4) is one of the best ways to search and book top-rated hotels at affordable prices. The official app is the simplest, fastest, and most secure way to book your paradise.

Every time you log in on that app, you will be able to see all your bookings. All the users can quickly sort and compare various hotels to pick the best one.

Check out the official website of this hotel booking app here.


Owned by the former Priceline Group, is one of the best hotel booking apps in the country. offers you a lot of choices when it comes to hotels.

You can smoothly book hotels, with great discounts and even compare them with each other to know which is the best one.   You can even set your preferences and look for hotels—choices such as prices, ratings, and distance from your place.

One of the unique features of is that you can find highly rated hotels at affordable prices.

Check out the official website of this hotel booking app here.

6) Agoda

Agoda is one of the most fantastic hotel booking company in India. Owned by Booking Holdings, Agoda give you several options for all the kinds of hotels and inns.

You can even get the best deals and offers at moderate prices. Users can quickly get the best of the offers and deals with substantial discounts.

Check out the official website of this hotel booking app here.


If you are travel feet and looking for a hotel for your trip after quarantine, don’t forget to check They even give their users the option to browse through thousands of hotels based on several filters like prices, ratings, facilities, and much more.

Not only hotels, but you can even book tickets to flights, cars, and cruises for yourself on

Check out the official website of this hotel booking app here.

8) Travelocity

Travelocity is one of the most reputed hotel booking sites among all the hotel booking apps. You can effortlessly find the best hotels for yourself and compare the hotels while making a better choice.

You even have the option to combine your hotel with flights and car rentals. One of the best thing about Travelocity is that it also compare prices with other popular hotel booking apps like Expedia, Trivago, and Hotwire.

Check out the official website of this hotel booking app here.

Some FAQs for choosing the best hotel booking app

1) Which is the cheapest Hotel booking app in India?

There are several hotel booking apps available on the web that offers you the cheapest deals and offers on hotels. Some of them are:

  1. OYO Rooms
  2. MakeMyTrip
  3. Cleartrip
  4. Ixigo
  5. Goibibo

2) Which is the best hotel booking app?

People have never-ending options when it comes to online hotel booking. To Know the top 8 best hotel bookings app read the above article.

3) What are the benefits of online hotel booking?

Online hotel booking is beneficial as it saves your time. You do not need to visit every hotel individually to make a choice. You even get the opportunity to make comparisons online. You also get great deals and offers.

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