Bigbasket back on track – Existing orders being delivered first

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BigBasket is Finally Operational

The online grocery delivery company BigBasket is now operational in all its cities. However, this Bengaluru-headquartered company is working on being operational in Kochi, Kerala.


Delivering Existing Orders is the First Priority of BigBasket

According to the BisBasket update, due to delayed orders, the company is focusing on fulfilling existing orders before accepting new orders. After getting operational, the company is also focusing on bringing back its on-field workforce, including delivery executives, pickers, and packers.


Facing Harassment Amid Lockdown

Even though BisBasket is one of the essential ecommerce services, its delivery executives are said to be facing harassment by police across the country. This harassment is due to miscommunication. Other than that, the lockdown has disturbed the supply chain in the country altogether. In some cases, the delivery-partners of BigBaskets were stopped and beaten by the police. In certain cities, law enforcement agencies have also locked down the warehouses BigBasket.


Announcements made by State Government

The state governments came forward to curb these harassments. After a lot of back and forth, the government clarified that ecommerce companies are helping those stuck at home with essential supplies. Hence, they must be allowed to operate even during the lockdown. Delhi and Bengaluru police started issuing e-passes to the delivery executives of BigBasket to solve these issues. 

After such measurements, delivery executives are now able to operate efficiently amid the coronavirus lockdown.


Real-Time Monitoring the Supply Chain of BigBasket by DPIIT

The DPIIT (1) has established a control room after the state governments have allowed the delivery of essential products from ecommerce channels, including BigBasket. The DPIIT found the control room to monitor the supply chain of essential commodities in real-time. They have taken these steps to ensure that the transportation and delivery of crucial goods don’t face any disruption amid the lockdown. They are also aiming to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus across the country with such measures.


New Features for Refunds by BigBasket

Customers were spotlighting the BigBasket for canceling the orders and refunding the money to the company’s wallet. Users took social media platforms to let out their fumes on BigBasket for not letting them place new orders. They are also complaining that since they couldn’t put any further requests, their amount is stuck with BigBasket.

The company’s promotor K. Ganesh (2) and its cofounder of Portea took Twitter to respond to these complaints. They tweeted that the Bigbasket is working on a feature to refund the payment directly instead of the wallet. The company also mentioned that they understand that their customers want cash in hand for other uses. 

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