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The story of CarWale: How a startup from Navi Mumbai became a guide for car buyers

Team Carwale
Team Carwale
Carwale website screenshot
Carwale website screenshot

It is always advisable to have an expert opinion before you buy or sell something. It saves you a lot of time and effort by giving you precise information on what you require. You can also make use of owner reviews, comparisons, and more offers. Especially if you are making a considerable investment, trustworthy sources can save you from unwanted loss of money. Cars are the second most valuable asset that we all work hard for. So the next time you are thinking of buying a new car, or if you want to sell one, then CarWale is the right place to visit.


Car Wale is an across the boarding platform for buying and selling of all kinds of cars. It is the first website in India to present an online marketplace to connect used car inventories, buyers, and sellers. They can come together to talk, discuss, and negotiate actively for an incredible transaction experience. CarWale has always worked for convenience and effective communication between its consumers. Thus they bring delight and perfection into the whole process.

Bringing the idea to life

Carwale Founder - Mohit Dubey
Carwale Founder – Mohit Dubey

The business was founded by Mohit Dubey along with his friends Gaurav, Tufail, and Arun back in October 2005. They planned to put forward numerous initiatives for Indian car consumers. To start up the business, they collected money from friends, family, and even wealthy neighbors. In 2006, they commenced the Used Car Price Guide, which contained all details about a car that would help the customer to determine what would be the actual market value of the vehicle. CarWale made sure that the customers had the most satisfactory experience.

Car Wale was the first of its kind enterprise in India to do so. The buyers could know details like the car’s model, mileage, age, condition, city, etc. They could also see whether they were doing business with an individual or a dealer, and this provides credibility and transparency. They give information on on-road prices from 200 towns and cities and for all prominent car sales In India since 1991. All these features have made CarWale the most trusted online car dealers in India today. The headquarters of CarWale is in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The growth of Carwale over the years


After the massive success of Used Car Price Guide, Car Wale launched its new resource on car research in 2007, which was promised to be more expansive. They also provided more features and gadgets like:

  • Recommend-Me-A-Car
  • compare cars
  • owner reviews
  • on-road prices

On-road prices soon became the most well-liked feature of CarWale. In 2008, CarWale declared India’s first award for consumer choice cars. This award became an honest voice of the population as more than 1.6 lakh buyers and owners participated in it from all over the country. They later started offering a free car consultation for buyers. The customers were provided with test drives and dealer references at their convenience. CarWale also brought together the best loan choices and the most economical insurance options. Thus the entire process was sorted out, and the buyers could get their hands on the best cars at the lowest cost.

Car Wale also started a one of a kind exhibition named Vintage Wheels where vintage cars would be put up for display and drives. This event lasts for two weeks and takes place every year. In 2010, CarWale made an invaluable achievement by becoming India’s most prominent source of the car business. They are also the first online car marketplace to have their own fully developed editorial team as well as industry level devices and strategies to test cars. All these facilities enable them to publish their unbiased expert reviews.

Awards and recognitions


For their brilliant progress and creative approach towards car sales, CarWale has received several awards and acknowledgments. In the years 2007 and 2008, they earned their place as one of Asia’s top 100 innovative companies. One of the co-founders of CarWale, Arun Sahlam, was recognized by Business Week Magazine as one of the top 25 entrepreneurs in Asia. In the same year, the company was acknowledged as India’s best automotive website by PC World Magazine.

Later in 2010, CarWale was recognized as one of the top 200 innovative IT organizations in the world. They also became acknowledged by IAMAI (1) as the Best Auto Website in India in both 2011 and 2012. CarWale and CarTrade merged in 2016 to become the most leading marketplace for both used cars and new purchases. They have been able to strengthen their business as their areas of mastery complement each other. The major investors in CarWale are Sierra Ventures, InnoVen Capital, Axel Springer,, and India Today Group.