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Chemist Body Against Amazon Entering Online Pharmacy

chemist body

Chemist Body: All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD) (1) represents over 8,50,000 members in India. The Chemist body has sent a letter to Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and Founder, Amit Agarwal, senior vice-president, and country manager. The message is written against the entry of Amazon into the online pharmacy space in India.

The letter also addresses PM Modi, Amit Shah along with other ministers and government officials. They asked the officials to note that the e-commerce giant is illegally operating its e-pharmacy. It is apart from being against the law along with the interest of the country’s public health.

Online Pharmacy cannot undertake Home Delivery, says Chemist Body.

The chemist body, AIOCD, has told the giants that online pharmacy cannot undertake home delivery. The further added that entities practicing the same are already under the court proceedings as per the Indian law.

In the letter, the body also mentions that they have prepared a full dossier on the matter. Amazon entering the segment would bring legal implications that may bring disrepute to the company.

Amazon Pharmacy would allow consumers to orders prescription-based drugs, over-the-counter medicines, primary health devices, and Ayurveda medicines.

AIOCD mentioned that e-pharmacies are illegal, and the laws under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules don’t recognize it. It further said that there are requirements of extensive modification in the rules if a dispensation of medicines via home delivery is allowed.

The government of India has allowed the home delivery of medicines in light of the pandemic situation. However, it was meant only for the neighborhood pharmacies, says the Chemist body.

A full overhaul of the system is needed before a national portal is established for dispensation by e-prescription. The body also compared the procedures of e-prescription in countries with India. It said that in India, medicines are dispatches solely on a photo or scanned prescription. In the USA, e-pharmacies are not allowed to do that.

In the letter, the Chemist also referred to the drug addiction among people. It also gave an example of a teenager in the UK who bought prescription drugs online. The body also warned that online pharmacies currently has no system that would alert them on multiple orders on the same address.