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Extraction Review: Thrilling or just another Monochromatic?


This Netflix fasted pace action movie, Extraction was initially released just two days ago on 24th April. People are super excited to watch the film primarily because it is representing our nation, along with our neighboring country Bangladesh. Here is a detailed review of the latest Netflix action movie for you to check out. Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

What does the movie offer?

Here is the most noteworthy thing we noticed during the movie run:

  • Great action shots, neatly choreographed and edited
  • Long action takes along with a prolonged single-shot action sequence instead of fast cutting of usual action movies
  • The impressive performance of O-M-G Chris Hemsworth!!!
  • Though character played by Randeep Huda
  • Well paced and fast-moving action with no dull movements with quite realistic and believable fight scenes
  • Thrilling soundtrack
  • Excellent performance by all the leading and side characters

Things in the movie we believe could be better

Even though the film gave us an intensity and unusual actions, here are the few things that didn’t hit the mark:

  • Overall storyline and plot
  • Empathetic connections among the characters
  • Predictable character arch
  • Not so East or West Begnal like dialects
  • Less screen time for Pankaj Tripathi
  • More focused on action rather than a story
  • No proper in-depth cause and effect analysis and research

The Story


We could honestly tell the story of Extraction in a single sentence: “kidnapping of a young boy and his rescue mission by a mercenary (drool-worthy Chris Hemsworth!)”

The kidnapped boy is Ovi Mahajan, played by Radhraksh Jaiswal. He is the son of an Indian drug lord (Pankaj Tripathi), who is currently in jail. A one-man mission is given to Tyler Rake, a character played by drumroll, please, Chris Hemsworth!, to rescue the boy.

Tyler Rake is deemed perfect for the mission as he is someone unfazed by any kind of weapon, including bullets and grenades.

Ovi lives with his father’s subordinate, Sanju, a character played by Randeep Hooda in Mumbai. The kidnappers take Ovi to Dhaka, Bangladesh. However, it is still a question for viewers how they transfer him to Dhaka from Mumbai? Maybe they took a train or bus or boat. Well, jokes aside. Saju then contacts a team, he knows would help him bring the boy back. The team then sends Tyler to Dhaka, where he is up against Amir Asif, a character played by Priyanshu Painyuli. Amir is the biggest drug lord of Bangladesh, and he is so powerful that even the police and military of the country work under his control.

Extraction: Full of action but no plot


Just like any other action movie, Extraction is fully committed to giving as an adrenaline rush. Hence, it doesn’t focus much on the plots and character depth. Extraction doesn’t even have short character outlines. It also doesn’t give its viewers much information about the drug industry, nexus between the drug lords, or the life of Tyler and his team.

It means that the Extraction is only relying on its one primary motive: giving its viewers action. The whole film is made to provide the thrill as much as possible. It is proved with the action showdown we get when Tyler arrives at the kidnapper’s hideout. We get even more confrontation as the Ovi and Tyler accomplish their escape. It is safe to say that some movies have action set pieces in their plots, Extraction has some plot around the long sequences of action.

Really well done long single-shot action sequels


One scene which had us kept on the edge of our seat was the breathtaking single-shot that lasted for 16 minutes. The scene started with Ovi and Tyler escaping the Bangaladesh Police, a car chase. The pair then hides in a building. Tyler is seen shooting and stabbing over a dozen officers, single-handedly and then jumping off of the building. After his epic jump, he gets into hand-to-combat with Sanju in the middle of a bustling road in the afternoon. The duo later manages to escape in a truck and jump off it once they notice a tunnel. It leaves the vehicle crashing and bursting in a fire. Phew!

The cinematographer, Newton Thomas Sigel, executed this impressive set-piece with quick plans and nimble camera work. They followed the characters in different settings via a car, construction, hallways, rooftops to avoid losing their sights and performing the view incoherent.

Some of the viewers may find Extraction corpulent with action

Tyler and Ovi

We are saying this because it took nearly an hour into the movie after we saw a first real interaction. This happened when Tyler and Ovi finally ended up in a quiet room, which gave them a chance to bond while also showing us flashes of their personalities. However, no matter how much viewers welcomed this change, it didn’t last long.

The Final Verdict

We watched the movie again and took our time to give out the review only so we could give an honest final verdict to our readers. We think that overall, the movie is excellent, including those thrilling sequels and massive action. The opening scene of the film will definitely keep you wanting for more. And Chris Hemsworth! He has been stunning throughout the movie with his mesmerizing looks, stunts, and action.

If we set aside all the actions, we could see the story is telling us about the loneliness of Tyler. And how he is willing to die because of his pain due to the demise of his beloved son. So overall, if you love full-action movies, this movie won’t disappoint you.