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The case was filed by CureFoods' landlord, who claimed that the firm had withheld its rental payments and not honored the lea
The case was filed by CureFoods’ landlord, who claimed that the firm had withheld its rental payments and not honored the lease’s lock-in period.

Bengaluru-based fitness and well-being startup, which has marked its place as the top fitness platform in India, announced its launch and expansion to the US market, with its app being available on both App Store and Google Play. (1) announced on Wednesday that it has launched a range of its digital services, which includes the startup’s fitness service and mental well-being service

While Cult-fit offers fitness-related services like exercises, HIIT workout sessions, etc., offers calming and relaxing sessions for the mind, including therapy, medication, and yoga sessions.

Founded in 2016, the startup gained popularity in India by taking an integrated approach to fitness and wellness through the strategized demonstration of its range-, for virtual workout sessions and branded fitness centers; for video and in-person clinical consultations; for mental health therapy sessions and guided mindfulness exercises, and for healthy food home delivery.

The company has raised over $400 million so far and is confident that a vast catalog of digital services and proprietary technology is worthwhile for the market.

Best time for expansion

Mukesh Bansal, the co-founder and CEO at, said that global expansion has been one of the company’s key goals and that they had originally planned to expand after five years of operations in India.

Bansal said,

“This is an exciting time for, as our rapid growth will afford millions of new users in the [US] the opportunity to enjoy our app during a time when people need it the most. Due to COVID-19 and the changing culture, there is a demand for effective methods of working out without having to spend thousands of dollars on equipment or leaving the house.”

The company started testing its services in beta in the US last month. Bansal, who also co-founded Myntra, said the’s apps, available on iOS and Android, was downloaded more than 12k times in the US last month.