Google For Startups Program to Back 20 Indian Startups

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On Tuesday, Google India stated that it is backing 20 startups from India as part of its GFS, Google For Startups Accelerator Program (1). As per the giant’s statement, the company has selected these 20 startups after a meticulous screening of more than 600 applications. These companies will get three months of mentorship and support of both internal and external mentors from Google network. 

Google provides multiple support ranges to selected startups under GFS. The ongoing support includes access to the Google team, project tech guidance, support related to machine learning, UX and design support, leadership, networking, PR, and more. 

The latest batch of startups selected by Google is from several vital segments. It includes startups from edtech, mental health and wellness, retail, agritech health tech, fintech, and more. The company gave a warm welcome to Google for Startup Accelerator India Class 4 on its blog post.


Google For Startups Program to Move Forward Despite the Pandemic Challenges

The 20 companies selected by Google for its accelerator program Class four includes BharatAgri, Antwak, BlackLight, Dcoder, Games,, Gram Power,, Leher, Inner Hour, Lokal, Mera Cashier, MyHQ, Math Buddy, Mosaic Wellness, Orowealth, Navia Life Care, Womaniya, Wealthy Therapeutics, ZeoAuto, and Virohari.  

Google has doubled the size of its batch from 10 to 20 for its GFS Accelerator program. Apart from this, it has also increased the program scope. It includes startups with cutting-edge technology for a meaningful impact on India and the world. 

The tech giant, Google, has decided to move forward with the program despite the challenging time because of the coronavirus pandemic. It stated that the mission of GFS is more important at present because of the unusual economic struggles. Google aims to help startups over the upcoming 2-years, where there will be the most substantial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

Since its inception, Google for the Startup Accelerator program in 2015 has supported more than 60 startups. They have raised over 700 million in funding round. These startups have played a pivotal function in making India the second-largest startup ecosystem across the globe. 

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