How Heman Bansal’s startup – Aahuti Green Energy is trying hard to provide a cleaner environment to the society

The environmental crisis in the country is rising as the level of pollution is breaking records every year. Heman Bansal is working in the direction of fixing these matters by providing a solution for waste management and using it for biofuels and other things.


The environmental crisis in the country is rising as the level of pollution is breaking records every year. Global warming has started affecting the regions in the world, and the wave is already hitting the country. Despite the awareness on a worldwide level, the country is still facing a high level of pollution, mainly because of the waste removal from the houses and the industries.

Many people are working in the direction of making things better by spreading awareness among people, or they have projects that take care of such problems. One such person who has entered this direction to make things better is Heman Bansal. He is trying to make a change in the field of processing municipal solid waste and agro-waste by converting the maximum bulk of the waste into bio-fuels. The rest of the waste is recycled or disposed of systematically, and this is done by his startup –¬†Aahuti Green Energy Pvt. Ltd.


The beginning of the journey and what the startup is about

Heman Bansal
Founder – Heman Bansal

Belonging to Kurukshetra, Haryana, Heman Bansal is currently living in Faridabad from where he is handling the operations of Aahuti Green Energy Pvt. Ltd. He pursued his engineering and then completed his M. Tech from Kurukshetra University. Despite being an engineer, the inner entrepreneur in him called out to him, and he decided to start his own company.

Co-Founder – Anjali

Aahuti Green Energy is a startup that focuses on the elaborate understanding of the currently used “waste disposal” practices, which are far from ideal. This is the reason why Heman is introducing a new waste collection and management service for residences, offices, restaurants, industries that focus on:

  • ensuring waste segregation at source
  • collection and safe transportation of municipal solid waste and agro-waste
  • setting up an integrated waste management complex to treat all kind of solid waste and agro-waste
  • production of Bio-CNG, industrial CO2 and Organic Manure, etc. from wet waste and electricity from dry waste
  • scientific disposal of residues at landfill sites


The challenges faced in the early stage

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is littered everywhere, and when you go to take care of it, you realize that it is the municipalities’ property, and any action against it will land you in trouble. The current scenario of the waste of MSW management is so terrible that people have lost hope, and they are not ready to listen to new ideas or solutions. According to the people, effective waste management is a next to impossible thing.


Collaborations by Aahuti Green Energy in the field

The company has collaborated with some of the technical partners who are working with them to provide them with the technology that is efficient, advanced, and, most importantly, non-polluting as compared to existing technologies that are highly polluting.


The first milestone, and current growth of the company

The first milestone for the firm was when they managed to prepare a team that had like-minded people in it who were genuinely concerned about the problems in hand. These people were willing to work on the project and with the startup most sincerely and honestly.


The vision for the company

Aahuti Green Energy Pvt. Ltd. because they considered their waste to energy plant as an Aahuti-Kund for the waste material. This is where the municipal solid waste would be processed and used as the aahuti. The startup is working every day to set up plants for waste management that would help in cleaning and saving the cities and towns from diseases and try to reduce the air and water pollution, which is caused by ever-increasing landfill sites.

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