BiggBang, Coworking Space in Mohali, provides top-notch office space solutions that are skillfully designed, with a setting that focuses primarily on how the growing BiggBang community of like-minded employees can create, connect, and expand their reach and progress.

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Working from home or the basement of your home can be appealing in the beginning stages of your business or career, but as it develops and grows, holding business meetings at the neighborhood Starbucks may not be the best idea. In this situation, coworking provides users from all over India with the best option possible by providing a dedicated setting that provides complete autonomy and a professional setting.

BiggBang is a place that is jam-packed with luxuries for facilitating hassle-free daily office operations, including meeting and conference rooms that are designed to meet international standards; private cabins that can accommodate up to 50 coworkers, and range in size from two to spacious private cabins.

This facility, near the national highway and a 30-minute drive from the airport, provides amenities and services for the local populace and the international community, offering services with an Indian flair and particularly highlighting the charming culture of Mohali.

Freedom is the primary necessity for having a workspace, whether for a few hours or all day, and a location that promotes professionalism and a homey feeling that fosters creativity. People congregate in coworking spaces to work on various projects across a variety of fields, whether they are startups or established businesses. This distinguishes them from typical workspaces.

Regardless of where a company or business is located or how small it may be, BiggBang has a solution. Several employees share an office in a coworking space, which offers ease of use of shared infrastructure, including utilities, furniture, and various other services, as well as multiple cost-saving choices.

What does every startup or business must have?

  • A workplace that supports instant business growth.
  • A space that transmits positivity and keeps the employees motivated.
  • A space that offers multiple opportunities for collaboration.
  • A space that prioritizes privacy and personal space.
  • A shared workforce that enhances networking and opportunities for growth.

These are the fundamental requirements for a startup or company, and while meeting them and fostering the initiative's expansion is important for generating profit, controlling expenditures can be challenging.

All of these requirements are affordable at the BiggBang coworking space and give the workforce the productivity they need. This enables a method of increasing profit beyond simply controlling costs.


When the pandemic struck, the concept of working from home became popular. With a professional and collaborative environment for its dynamic residents, BiggBang offers startups and enterprises flexible office space solutions.
This coworking space additionally provides adaptable memberships with the option to begin a subscription lease at any time and to cancel it at any time, all to the user's preference and requirements, assisting startups and businesses in varying the space for their business's growth dynamically. BiggBang offers complete flexibility to choose your work hours and location, which is always necessary for startups and organizations to be responsive to workplace needs.

No operational headaches

BiggBang Coworking provides all of the solutions with a cutting-edge, cherry aesthetic that appeals to a younger workforce, enabling startups and business owners to concentrate on their core competencies rather than stressing operational issues. Since BiggBang is responsible for all aspects of office space maintenance, including technology issues, community members are available around-the-clock for operational and technical support.

Comfortable and secure.

Your seat or space is the safest at BiggBang Coworking since the building has high-level security and allows access only with personal identification. Additionally, the BiggBang Coworking is situated in a safer commercial and industrial sector, which makes the surrounding environment safe and enables enterprises and start-ups to operate without anxiety.

Due to the hassle-free office space solutions and the fact that everything is provided with convenience and comfort in mind, it is a worthwhile investment for entrepreneurs and startups.

Vibrant community

Everyone can find themselves surrounded by entrepreneurs, independent contractors, digital nomads, and other like-minded people at BiggBang Coworking. This shared workspace promotes interactions between people with different skills, mindsets, and knowledge. This environment fosters greater creativity and provides insight into new trends.

With even painted walls to foster employee creativity, BiggBang Coworking promotes interaction, resulting in motivation and increased productivity. It also has a functional area with a private conversation corner, a place to have breakfast or lunch, etc.

Professional ambiance

BiggBang Coworking offers a variety of workspace amenities like a conference room, abundant parking, and telecommunication services that entrepreneurs and start-ups can use to boost productivity. With designs that consider the need for motivating and supporting an innocent environment and keeping their spirits high, this produces a bright and active atmosphere for the BiggBang community.

A pool of talent and a variety of networking options

Together, users from many industries and sectors create BiggBang's enormous talent pool, which may assist startups and enterprises in establishing themselves and promoting their brands more quickly than is physically possible. Startups and companies that choose coworking spaces reduce operating and overhead costs and take advantage of quick access to cheaper talent, resulting in further cost savings.

Along with cost savings, having access to a talent pool is advantageous, especially for young startups and organizations, as it enables them to expand their working methods and surround themselves with experts to provide guidance and suggestions. Thanks to this, they will be more productive at work right away, and it will also help them build their network and market.

The activities and solutions provided by BiggBang Coworking provide a wealth of networking possibilities for the community's members to interact and grow. That being said,

"Show-up, Set-up, Co-work, Repeat."


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