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Here, we are going to talk about one of the leading educational startups, Gradeup. Let’s check out how Gradeup became a successful startup.

A lot of us are from a city that does not have many resources, but our dreams are not soo small enough to stop us, and hence to fulfill your dream, Gradeup has been rising as a helpful mentor and guide towards education.

This year has seen a rise in many education-related startups like Byjus, Toppr (1), Unacademy, etc. One of these is Gradeup. Giving a fierce competition, Gradeup has thrived towards success and helped students to a large extent.

So, talking about this startup, we should surely know more about this, which will make us understand how their system works and provides you with benefits.

Gradeup – The Exam Preparation Site

Gradeup is an edu-tech startup that mainly deals with studies of students who are in different classes and focuses on providing students with online education. They are also famous for delivering preparations regarding Banking exams, JEE, NEET, etc.

From providing questions to preparatory tips, Gradeup has immense resources. The best feature of Gradeup that made them accessible is that they provide doubt solving features, which attracts the student and makes them more interested in studies.

How did Gradeup Emerge?

Gradeup Founders - Shobht Bhatnagar, Sanjeev Kumar, and Vibhu Bhushan
Gradeup Founders – Shobht Bhatnagar, Sanjeev Kumar, and Vibhu Bhushan

The story started when Shobht Bhatnagar, Sanjeev Kumar, and Vibhu Bhushan saw a tremendous rise in mobile devices and online ecommerce business, where everything was in the way towards digitalization. Due to this, they came with the idea of launching an exam based digital platform.

Back in 2013, the trio launched an app named GradeStack. This app was partnered with different study-related publications which helped them prepare different kinds of exams with proper contents; soon this company also got enough fundings from the Times Internet Limited with almost a million downloads from the users, but there was everything done, and nothing new came up in their mind which eventually made them shut down.

After the shutting down of GradeStack, within two years, learning from their experience, they came up with the idea of Gradeup and aimed towards a mobile-based community for students who want to crack IBPS, PO, SBI, JEE or NEET like exams. With immense resources, they have started online classes with proper reviews as well.

Talking about the user experience of Gradeup, it has almost 4.5 ratings, with over 2 million registered users with lakhs of visitors daily on their platform. They have collected data that the students using their app spend almost 200 minutes per month with nearly 50 million questions, which are posted by students as doubts. The growth of Gradeup is being excessively used among students and is coming to great help.

Gradeup’s Business Model

Gradeup Website Screenshot
Gradeup Website Screenshot

Gradeup has a B2C type of model as the work produced by the makers is directly delivered to the students who act as a consumer. Gradeup mainly focuses on better customer experience such that they can easily find the things of their needs quickly than other apps.

They generate revenue through the materials they provide on their app. Being a good and trustworthy platform, people tend to buy their online materials and exam preparation packs, which makes them earn.

The backbone of their app is technology. One has to believe that the interactive user experience and ease raised this platform and made it successful. It aims to provide a resource to students of Tier 2 and 3 cities who sometimes lack a few support. It is expected that they will grow up more with almost $7 billion by 2022, and viewing the current situations, there is much scope in online studies and has a cut-throat competition with Vedantu and Byjus.

To enhance their functions, Gradeup raised $7 billion funds from the company named Times Internet in the first round, this was a Series A funding and got almost $10 million for the second round. This series of funding helped Gradeup enhance their service and marketing techniques.

Gradeup’s Marketing Strategy

gradeup ad

Every business needs a push up towards the market and get among the people who later become consumers and help the company grow. And the same case was also applicable for Gradeup. They had to do extreme and rigorous marketing to promote their business and reach enough customers.

This was the key that somewhat played a role in making Gradeup successful. There was an active social media marketing of Gradeup through Facebook Fan pages and Ad Manager or through Instagram and Google AdWords, which focuses mainly on marketing and has active users.

Content Marketing

They focus heavily on SEOs and content marketing. They have a content writing team that format different study materials, quizzes, tests, etc. People get influenced by suitable study materials and eventually turn to trust and buy that source.

These are the few points that helped Gradeup generate clients and consumers making it a lovable platform among students.

Gradeup: Some Unique Features


There are several features in Gradeup which can prove to be beneficial for the students. Some of these prominent features are

  • Daily tests for students
  • Live and interactive sessions
  • Online classes
  • Questions and queries are regularly updated and answered correctly

these features increase student and app relations. To a large extent, these features are for free, and many people can enjoy them.

Students can also ask a teacher personally as a doubt, which is to be answered in less than 30 minutes. This solves the doubts in less time, and students can quickly get going on their work.

Most of the resources are free, but there is some more stuff which deal with a particular exam, that costs money. There are several test series that a student can join who is going to appear for some exam. The test series can cost from Rs. 100- 1500, and the live classroom sessions can go from Rs. 1500- 25000.

Gradeup indeed has set a benchmark in online education, with a unique business strategy aiming towards every student, making it a one-stop solution and beating other edu-tech startups.