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How to forget someone you love? – Pro Tips

Searching for a solution to your problem of how to forget someone you love? We are here for you with the answer. In this arti
Searching for a solution to your problem of how to forget someone you love? We are here for you with the answer. In this article, we will uncover the pro tips about how to forget someone you love!

Did you search for ‘How to forget someone you love?‘ and reached this page.

Do not worry. We are right here to guide you ‘how to forget someone you love.

How to forget someone you love

Love is an inevitable emotion. You can not run from it.

You are bound to fall in love (sometime or the other) with someone or the other in your life.

If today is not the day, then it does not mean that the day will never come. There will be a time when you will be madly in love with someone.

But not all the love stories have a fairytale ending.

Not all frogs are princes,’ and not all girls are cinderella.

Just as love, heartbreak is also inevitable.

We all have heard of the phrase,

‘you have to kiss many frogs to find your ultimate prince’ and guess what!

It is somewhat true.

Many people enter your life, but not all of them stick with you like an octopus on your face.

So to find that octopus, you have to let people enter.

And that will be possible when you will learn how to forget someone you love.

Not all love stories are actually LOVE!

If you are heartbroken over the girl or the boy who left you for some vague reason, then it is my sheer responsibility to tell you that you are not the only one.

There are tons of other people (both boys and girls) out there whose hearts are broken, have lost faith in love, can not move on in their lives, and, most importantly, who don’t know how to forget someone you love.

There is no doubt that it is hard to forget someone. But if you have seen the popular Netflix show ‘Sex Education’ then you must have heard its famous dialogue-

‘Love is just dumb luck! The person you lovee might not always love you, but you can not force them to feel the same way.’

If you think deep down, then you will realize how deep is the meaning of this line.

You just can not waste your time on someone who did not care about you and your feelings.

No matter what is the basis/reason for your breakup. What is the sense of being the only person to get affected by that?

So, you must no more invest your time thinking about someone who

does not even know that you are sad.

The only thing you can do in this screwed up situation is to forget that person and move on with life.

So, here are some Pro Tips on ‘How to forget Someone, you Love?’

1) Stop, take a deep breath, rest, and stop thinking!

The best thing you can do to forget someone is to stop thinking about them. I know it is tough, but you have to try otherwise, you will end up suffering for no reason.

Take a step back, rest for some time, and clear up your thoughts.

For doing this thing, you can take help from your loved ones and obviously friends.

Talking is the best way to get things out of you. In my opinion, talking is the best possible way to clear up your thoughts.

If you do not talk to someone about how you feel and keep storing your thoughts, you will put a lot of pressure on your mind and that my friend is not at all a good thing.

2) Stop recalling those special moments!

Stop recalling those special moments

We all had special moments with our special someone at one point or the other.

Those special moments or should I say those memories are one of the essential things that will keep killing you on your inside.

Remembering about those long talks, long walks, cute fights, and all those hearts pumping moments when you looked at that person and felt lucky should immediately be ceased.

The memories will give you nothing, just pain.

They will never ever help you get over someone.

So if you want to learn how to forget someone you love, then the first thing you should learn is how to stop recalling them.

Get rid of those special things, those trademarks kissing spots, and any other possible witness of your relationship.

3) Stop stalking!

Checking their social handles, again and again, will get you nothing.

All you will be doing is to hold onto them for a longer period.

Accept the fact that things didn’t work out between you guys and she is WITH SOMEONE ELSE.

Stop hoping that your guys will ever be back again together.

Just think of it in a way, do you ever want someone who is not loyal and worthy enough and had made you cry, broke you, be a part of your life.

Allowing them to enter your life again will be a blunder.

And keeping them in your life on your own by stalking them, seeing what they are doing, getting, and over his/her photos with someone else will give you nothing other than false hopes, sadness, and pain.

You know what you can do to avoid this, BLOCK them!

Block the negativity and sadness out of your life.

If you do so, you will be able to focus on other essential things like your life, your aim, your friends, and who knows if you focus on someone who is worth your trust and love.

4) Say no to ‘Breakup Sex’ or ‘Rebound Sex.’

Rebound Sex

Sleeping with your ex after your breakup and calling it breakup sex will not heal your pain and get you back together.

And why, in the first place, do you even want to go back to someone who did not respect your feelings, care about you, and left you for someone else?

If they can do it once, they will not hesitate to leave you again for some third person.

Will that be good for you?

Besides, breakup sex, you should also avoid ‘rebound sex.’

You might not know this, but rebound sex is like punishing someone else for your ex.

Say you sleep with a girl after your breakup just to get ver your ex, but you fail to do so. Then what will you say to that girl when you meet her again?

What if she fell for you?

Won’t she be hurt to know about what you did?

Won’t she feel incomplete and betrayed?

She will feel like it was her mistake (for loving you), and she was not good enough for you.

You will be doing the same thing to her that your ex did to you – Hurting someone for other people’s mistakes.

5) Keep those people close who ACTUALLY love you!

people close who ACTUALLY love you

You can not hold on to those who don’t love you, but you surely hold on to those you actually do.

Appreciate people for being there for being in your mess.

There will always be those friends who will stick with you in your tough times like glue and never let you suffer alone.

No matter how much anger you pour on them, how hard you push them away, how badly you want them to leave you alone, how rude you will be with them, but they will always find a way back to you and cheer you up (or at least try to cheer you up).

They will listen to your bullshit, cry with you, hate you for being rude to them, but will never fail to LOVE YOU for who you actually are.

Appreciate those friends and never let them go. I REPEAT NEVER!

The Final Word!

The best (possible) way to know how to forget someone you love is to remember how much they hurt you, and then recall those friends who actually liked you.

Now, do you want to be sad for losing someone who did not even care about you do you want to feel lucky for having someone to hold on to you always?

It is your choice.

All the Best!