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Blogging has emerged as one of the most excellent ways of earning income. Here's how you can create a free blog using Blogspo
Blogging has emerged as one of the most excellent ways of earning income. Here’s how you can create a free blog using Blogspot in just 5 steps.

With the internet in our hands, we’ve transformed into one big global internet community that resides on the world wide web. With the digital revolution, came the digital ‘income-lution‘.

What I mean to says is that the internet has become a significant source of earning income for millions of people who make their living by working on the internet from the comforts of their homes.

While some people start blogging to follow their passion for spreading knowledge about what they love while others start blogging to create another source of income for themselves, both of these purposes serve equally great if you are providing regular quality content to your audience.

5 Steps Start a Free Blog using Blogspot

Blogspot serves as a great platform if you’re planning to start blogging. Follow the steps given below to create your own blogging account at Blogspot (also known as and start earning with the blog:

1. Sign Up

Go to the webpage of and click on Create your Blog located in the middle of the page. Sign in using your Gmail account, and you’re ready to create your own blog.

Note: Blogger/Blogspot is a platformed owned by Google, which is why you need a Gmail account to work on it.

2. Select Title, Domain & Template for the blog

Select the name of your blog, the domain address for it, and the template or layout that would work the best for your blog type.

Create a creative and catchy blog title that will serve you the best in your blog niche. For example, for fashion, a title like Fashionitup, Fashionforyou, Styleicon, etc. would work the best.

Note: Blogspot/Blogger offers a range of templates to its users. Select the best-suited template for your blog that would reflect your niche the best.

3. Start Writing Blogs

Once you’re done with all the formalities, start writing articles for your blog by clicking on New Post.

Ensure that you write quality articles that would attract the right kind of visitors, resulting in a more extensive glued audience base.

Note: Make sure that the title for your blog raises questions and attracts the visitors just by glancing at the blog title — titles that start with Why, How, Where, Top 5, etc. work the best.

4. Sign Up for Google AdSense

Once you gather the right amount of audience, you’re ready to convert your ink to notes. Apply for AdSense mentioned below the Earnings tab.

Once you’re approved for the same, start earning passive income by the number of clicks and views you gain on the ads presented by Google AdSense on your blog.

Note: Factors that lead to Google AdSense Approvals are- high-quality content, regular visitors, demographics of the audience, etc.

5. Focus on SEO content

Buy the tools required to create SEO-centric content in your niche and note the blog writing format and content of other blog competitors.

Creating SEO-centric content will help you gain a higher Google ranking, resulting in larger site visits and higher AdSense income.

Note: You can also hire SEO experts like DinoSoft Labs that assist in the success of your blog through their advanced SEO tools and professional SEO experience.

Therefore, these were the steps that would not only help you create a blog on Blogspot/Blogger, but also make it a successful one. Remember, the success of a blog solely depends on the quality of its content in the niche and the consistency of the material being posted.