India’s COVID-19 trajectory deaccelerates

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As of now, the cases in this week have risen by 64%, between Sunday and Friday evening. This increase is also slower as compared to the previous five days when the cases increased by 76%.

Even though the country’s trajectory is deaccelerating, there is a steep rise in cases in India as compared to other Asian countries such as Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, and Pakistan. 

Doubling of the case count

In India, the case count has nearly doubled in the past eight days. It was also a slower rate from the previous weeks when the cases were increasing every four days. If we want to avoid patients in Indian hospitals anymore, then the trajectory must slow down further.

The death toll of COVID-19 in India is increasing at a fast pace in comparison to the case count. Last evening the deaths were 452. It has doubled in the past six days.


Other updates in the country:

  • Maharashtra is still on the top of the list, with 2,711 active cases, including deaths and recoveries.
  • Delhi is the second on the list, with 1551 active cases. Madhya Pradesh is third because of 1072 active cases, and Tamil Nadu is in the fourth place.


State-wise List of COVID-19 Cases(Latest):

  1. Andhra Pradesh-572
  2. Andaman and Nicobar-12
  3. Bihar-83
  4. Chandigarh-21
  5. Chhattisgarh-36
  6. Delhi-1707
  7. Goa-7
  8. Gujarat-1099
  9. Haryana-225
  10. Himachal Pradesh-36
  11. J & K-328
  12. Karnataka-359
  13. Kerala-396
  14. Ladakh-18
  15. Madhya Pradesh-1310
  16. Maharashtra-3323
  17. Manipur-2
  18. Mizoram-1
  19. Odisha-60
  20. Puducherry-7
  21. Punjab-202
  22. Rajasthan-1229
  23. TamilNadu-1323
  24. Telangana-766
  25. Uttarakhand-40
  26. UttarPradesh-849
  27. West Bengal-287
  28. Assam-35
  29. Jharkhand-33
  30. Arunachal Pradesh-1
  31. Tripura-2
  32. Meghalaya-9
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