Internshala: The Success Story [2020 Updated]

Read how Sarvesh Agrawal, an IIT Madras alumni, commenced his journey of Internshala and how he made it the leading internship seeking portal in India.

The education system of India has often been criticized because of how it evolved individuals into people of theory with no practical experience. Every household focusses on the importance of good grades to get admission into the right college so that you can get a good job. 

And it’s true! Where one should emphasize on practical knowledge, bad grades are often shunned upon. However, our country, still in the changing process, is now getting accustomed to the concept of internship, which came into light with the introduction of Internshala, an exclusive platform for getting internships. 


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Internshala – from a WordPress blog to the leading internship portal

Sarvesh Agrawal, IIT Madras (1) alumni & founder at Internshala (2), launched the online internship and training platform in 2010 with an aim to assist students in gaining practical experience from the professional world.

Sarvesh Agrawal Internshala

Internshala initially started out as a WordPress (3) blog that aggregated internships and articles on education, technology, and skill gap across India and later converted into the platform. Agrawal had humble beginnings for two years, during which he was the only full-time employee of the company, along with the support of virtual interns working from different cities across India.

Agarwal, hailing from Rajasthan, has worked with Capital One (4) in the UK and Barclays (5), Mumbai, before commencing on his venture, Internshala. Agrawal believes that comfort restricts growth, which is how he started his Internshala journey.

While talking to one of his friends in the London Business School (6) who was telling him about the troubles he was facing to find an internship in India, the idea sparked in leading to the transformation of a WordPress blog to a happening internship hub.


Here’s what Internshala offers that makes it a fantastic internship platform:

  • Filter internships according to location preference
  • Select the field of internship
  • Increase your chances of getting hired via Online Winter Training
  • Apply and get selected
  • Gain the certificate of getting hired from Internshala.


A Decade of Internshala


Agrawal’s startup Internshala is the number 1 internship seeking platform which users rely on. The company that started out as a solo team with virtual interns today has over 50 employees with interns and campus ambassadors being added every other week.

Internshala today has over 5 million students registered on its platform, with thousands of companies on a constant run to find the perfect intern for their company. 

Internshala is aimed at making individuals ready to enter the corporate world where not only does the platform offer a chance to gain an internship in some of the most reputable firms in India or also gain knowledge from online training and workshops.

Note: stood as a part of NASSCOM 10k Startups (7) and was the finalist in People Matters (8) TechHR 2015 Spotlight Awards under the ‘Futurism in Recruitment’ category.


According to Agrawal, entering into the internship realm always serves towards a better future for the students. Once a student goes for an internship, word-of-mouth works as the top source of marketing, because of which friends commence their internship journeys after being influenced by each other’s achievements.

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