Klwap 2020: Illegal Movie Download and Streaming Website

With rising piracy movie sites, let's talk about Klwap, which promotes piracy, and why people should avoid using such illegal sites.


Binge-watching never makes any of us feel tired and makes us kill time whenever we feel like. Hence, to help people who love watching South Indian movies and mostly with Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada language, then Klwap is for you! But the biggest drawback that this portal has is piracy, Klwap promotes piracy to a great extent and should not be accessed if you don’t want yourself to be indulged in legal issues. 

Klwap is a private movie downloading website which can be accessed by people for free. Not only with the South Indian movies, but people can watch several Hindi and English movies as well, which might either be from Bollywood or Hollywood. This portal provides numerous features and categories through which people can choose their movies and either download them for free or try to stream it online.

About Klwap

Klwap is mainly a piracy website through which people can find films to watch for free. With a massive collection of movies in different languages like Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, etc. it is one of the most demanding open movie portals. Even if you have the interest to watch old movies, then this might be the best portal for you through which one can suit their needs. People can get different quality movies like HD version, 360p, 720p, or even 1080p according to their wishes and depending on their internet conditions.

Klwap is considered as one of the most popular piracy websites that is a huge demand among people. Although, there are several issues that these piracy websites face because they violate specific rules and regulations of the governmental laws and eventually face up legal actions against them. Hence, people should move towards an authentic option, but those who love using Klwap due to its uniqueness can try using it on to their risk. As Klwap has a massive collection of movies, people can find some of the latest hits of Tollywood or Bollywood present on their pages. Some of these are, Baahubali, Robot 2.0, Joker, Kabir Singh, Avengers: Endgame, The Lion King, etc.


Categories of Movies Present on Klwap

With a gigantic collection of movies in Klwap, they have been segregated to different groups. People can find them through various types & making them available quickly. They have arranged movies to select a category, then a massive collection of films related to that category will be in display, and people can choose the ones they are keen to watch.

Some of the popular categories listed in Klwap are mentioned below:

  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Action
  • Romance
  • Sci-fi
  • War
  • Thriller
  • Mystery
  • Children
  • Web Series
  • TV Series


Quality of Movies available on Klwap

With an enormous range of movies surrounded in the Klwap portal, they have maintained a variety of different pictures and are available for people through the mode of piracy. Unlike other portals that provide films for free but do not have a picture quality and present themselves as a disappointment for people, Klwap can function even with a low network connection and provides different quality versions.

  • HD Quality movies
  • HD movie Download
  • 320p movies
  • 720p downloads
  • 1080p movie downloads
  • Full HD movies


Different Links to make an Access to Klwap

As mentioned earlier in the article, Klwap is a piracy promoting website and does not work with proper copyright functions. Hence, due to these issues, the government keeps on shutting off these types of sites, and to continue their service for people, the websites come up with different extensions through which people can maintain their binge-watching process. Some of these extensions and links are mentioned below so people can find the portal with huge film and Series collection.



Alternative Sites for Klwap 

There are many more websites that provide movies for free and have been impressing people worldwide. If people face issues while watching movies through Klwap, people can select some other portals that function almost like Klwap, and people will be able to download some videos through those portals!

Other than some of the similar alternative portals for movies, one can also have access to different authentic portals through which people can have access to them by paying a nominal subscription fee and never face any legal issues as these portals do not face piracy issue and have proper copyrights to the movie.

  • Netflix (1)
  • Amazon Prime (2)
  • Hotstar (3)
  • MX player (4)
  • Sony Liv (5)


File Size of Movie present on Klwap

People can download movies even through file size, which can be downloaded even through a deficient network speed. Some of these file sizes include:

  • 300mb movies
  • 600mb Movies
  • 2GB videos and movies
  • 4GB movies


Some Important Questions

Q1. Is Klwap an illegal site?

Yes, Klwap works completely illegally and does not have a proper functioning. They promote piracy and frequently face legal issues like site getting blocked or piracy charges. These are against the Indian governmental laws, and any people involved and helping these sites can meet legal matters. Hence, people should always connect with an authentic option to watch and download movies online.


Q2. How Soon does Klwap Release a movie?

People who handle the portal of Klwap download movies as soon as they are available to them. Some movies can even be present for people at the entrance of Klwap also before they are released in the theaters. Many of the old films are downloaded according to the needs of people.


Q3. Is Klwap safe to use?

As Klwap promotes piracy, people have to be careful while downloading movies through this portal. This can be a hub of hackers that can get into your system while you download the video. Apart from hackers, these types of movie portals can also infect your network or PC through different viruses, which can ultimately hack your data. Hence, one cannot state portals like Klwap as a safe site to use. 



Klwap might seem to be a fantastic site through which people can download movies quickly and can stream them online however, you can face up different security issues that can harm your system, hence, you should always choose an authentic option rather than piracy sites. Moreover, Piracy websites are banned by the Indian Government, and these are illegal to use.

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