Moviesda 2020: Download the Best Tamil HD Movies

We present you everything you need to know about the illegal piracy website - Moviesda that lets you download and watch Tamil movies for free.



  1. About Moviesda
  2. Genres Present in Moviesda
  3. Features of Moviesda
  4. Some Alternatives
  5. Some Important Aspects
  6. Conclusion


About Moviesda

Moviesda is a piracy movie website which provides people with pirated movie and allows people to download them for free. One can go to their portal and download the film they like. 

Moviesda has many movies that grab people’s interests, but it is mainly famous for Tamil films, and their downloads. It has many features and genres regarding the film, and people can easily select and sort their choices out. 

There are a lot of genres through which people can go and select their choice of movies. This site has an interactive user interface and has some excellent features. Moviesda has films, web series, and songs as well on their portal.  

Although piracy is prohibited and is entirely against the law and is a punishable offense, yet these sites perform them, and this is why now and then these sites are shut off by the government. Hence it is advised to use an authorized website. 


Different Genres

Almost every genre present in the portal of Moviesda, from a basic Bollywood movie to a famous Tamil movie, has it all here. People can choose types according to them, and as they like it. 

Moreover, this site has different qualities of the movie, which can be downloaded, from a poor condition to an HD version, one can download according to their internet speed. Moviesda has the latest movies on their portal as soon as they are launched, and at times, there are the movies present even before they are released for the public, which makes this portal famous between people. 


Features of Moviesda

Some of the features that make Moviesda as a famous portal are listed below.

  • Latest Movies

Moviesda provides some latest movies which are just released. They also have many famous leaks that mesmerized the people and increased the number of users on their portal.

  • Languages

This portal is mainly famous for south Indian movies; hence, keeping the audience in mind, they have films in Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam as well. 

  • Leaks

Moviesda portal has some famous leaks loved by people who like to watch Tamil movies. Leaks like Hero, Kaapan, Super deluxe, Thadam, Kanchana 3, etc., got among users even before they were released.


Some Alternatives to Moviesda

As we all know that these movie websites are frequently shut off by the government due to the anti-piracy law. Hence people often need some more sites to browse for movies for free. Therefore we have listed a few websites which can act or be used as an alternative to the Moviesda site.

Other illegal alternatives-

Some authorized portals-

Now you can easily choose the portals you wish for and downloads movies only if you like. 


Some Important Aspects to Analyze

Before directly jumping on to the portal and start downloading the movies from there, please analyze several questions and read the information below before you make a mistake or face any problem.

  • Are Movies for free?

Yes, the movies provided in the portal Moviesda are entirely free and can download them easily. But it is not allowed for people to produce or download pirated movies; this can somewhat mean that you are breaking the law, and if caught, then you may face legal actions.

  • Is Moviesda Legal?

Any portal which produces pirated movies is considered illegal, and there is no such expectation for Moviesda. This portal is operated by anonymous people at different unknown locations and earns through ads. Downloading movies from this kind of portals are also a punishable offense. Hence it is advised to download videos from any authorized site; some of them are mentioned above. 

  • What is Songs Leak on Moviesda?

Moviesda also features songs, mainly Tamil, and allows the download of those pirated songs. Some of these songs are produced to the public even before they are launches and hence are known as song leaks. People can download the song that they wish to hear, but all over again, they are pirated, which are illegal. 



Although the government of many countries have prohibited piracy and has considered them as a punishable offense, yet people do so. Hence, it should be the moral value of people not to promote these kinds of sites and have good practices. Moviesda is an excellent portal that should have been an authorized one. 

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Ananya Dubey
Ananya Dubey
I am a creative writer who likes to spread information. With different hobbies like panting and singing, i like writing and expressing the most. I am currently working as a content writer and am always curious to learn something new.

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