Nationwide Lockdown extended till 3 May – Everything you need to know

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PM Modi announced that the nationwide lockdown is extended till 3 May 2020. Along with extending the lockdown, he also said that in the coming week, extreme strictness would be followed regarding the isolation. He said that some possible relaxations would be given to the citizens residing outside the COVID-19 Hotspots after 20 April 2020. 


What all did PM Narendra Modi’s said in his address to the nation:

  1. Lockdown will be extended until 3 May.
  2. Stay wherever you are till the lockdown is lifted.
  3. Senior citizens and those with old medical history need special attention.
  4. People who have employees under them should show some sensitivity towards them.
  5. Keep yourself updated and download the Arogya Setu app.
  6. Boost your immunity by following the instructions laid down by the Ayush Ministry.
  7. In the coming week, the rules will be followed by immense strictness.
  8. Areas except the COVID-19 hotspots might get some relief and relaxation during the extended lockdown.
  9. India has enough stock of food and medicines.
  10. On the economic front, it is a costly decision as it has cost the country very much, but this price is nothing when compared to the health and value of citizens.
  11. The holistic and integrated approach followed by India has helped to a very great extent to fight against COVID-19.
  12. India is, in a way better place than other countries. Still, there are chances to minimize the damage.
  13. Social Distancing is a must.
  14. The way people have supported the lockdown even in the time of festivals is commendable.
  15. Detailed guidelines will be issued by the government on thee relaxations tomorrow.

The number of COVID-19 cases has crossed the 10,000 mark. During the last 24 hours, 1211 new cases were registered.

The situation can still be under control if we follow the lockdown meticulously. It is the time when we are required to be united as one nation. We request all of you out there to take all the necessary precautions and stay indoor. Your health is the topmost priority now. Stay safe; stay healthy.

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