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Startup Story: How Nexyite is bridging the gap between Out of Home Advertisements and Startups

Nexyite is a Bhubaneswar based startup intending to provide innovative products & services to ease the life of ordinary peopl
Nexyite is a Bhubaneswar based startup intending to provide innovative products & services to ease the life of ordinary people.

The Founders

Nexyite delivers innovative and futuristic products & services in both the online and offline markets with the help of a highly skilled and motivated team. The company was founded by Chitta Ranjan Behera along with Ganesh Chandra Muni, Chiranjeevi Nayak, Libya Siddhanta, and Bishal Bibek Kabiraj.

All you need to know the young entrepreneurs behind Nexyite:

Team Nexyite
Team Nexyite
  1. Chitta Ranjan Behera(CEO)– He holds a mechanical engineering degree from the College of Engineering Bhubaneswar. He worked at Kurl-on ltd as a Production engineer for two years.
  2. Ganesh Chandra muni(COO)– He holds an electrical engineering degree from Parala Maharaj Government Engineering college. He has a year of working experience at Operation and Maintenance at BPCL.
  3. Chiranjeevi Nayak(CAO)– He completed his mechanical engineering in the year 2016 from the College of Engineering Bhubaneswar.
  4. Bishal Bibek Kabiraj(CTO)– He has completed his degree in biotechnology in the year 2016 from the College of engineering and technology. Also, he was the former Co-founder of
  5. Dibya Sidhanta(CMO)– He completed his mechanical engineering in the year 2016 from the College of Engineering Bhubaneswar.

Soon, the team expanded, and Mr. Deba Ranjan Mishra joined the team as the HEAD of Business Development and Strategies. He previously worked with E-commerce companies like Snapdeal, Justdial, and Paytm.

Nexyite and their first successful product!


Nexyite aims to magnify the smart city mission with its products. They intend to generate positive cash flow in their organization with a good revenue model.


It is a combination of a smart digital kiosk & a digital billboard. Hence, it attracts people for its free accessible features and revenue generated from digital signage, advertisements, sponsorship, etc.

Moreover, it can also be installed in public places, malls, parks, campuses, railway stations, bus stops, tourist places, hospitals, etc.

The product has the following features:

  1. It comes with two 50 inch display mounted vertically to show advertisements & public announcements with an added real-time modification.
  2. An Interactive tablet is placed with calling, and internet browsing facilities come with a pre-installed handful of informative and utility applications. Emergency phone numbers of the nearest police station, hospitals, etc. are also available on the tablet.
  3. Eight Charging USB ports to power up mobile phones.
  4. Free Wi-Fi is given to the public within a specified range of operation.
  5. A 24/7 monitoring is accessible through a CCTV camera for security of the system as well as the public.
  6. Inverter powered back-up provides hassle-free operation in case of power loss. There is also a scope of Solar Power in future models.

All the pieces of equipment are enclosed within a solid metal body(GI) structure with water resistance.

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The Idea, Inspiration, and Vision!

The problem of Out of Home (OOH) advertisements media being non-interactive & non-flexible gave the founders the idea for this startup.

Out of Home (OOH), advertisements are very costly. Hence, small businesses and startups can’t afford them; thus, Nexyite wants to fill this gap.

Consequently, an idea was born and later took the shape of a successful venture.

Their central vision is to cover a total of 75 A-1 railway stations, and the 100 smart cities in our country.

Obstacles on the outset!

The company endured a lot of challenges in its initial days. The idea of quitting a successful job and taking the risk of building a startup was the main challenge for the founders.

Moreover, it was also difficult for them to find like-minded people and build a team of highly skilled employees from scratch.

Nexyite – Collaborations and first milestone!


The company joined hands with the state government of Odisha and railways as their system was to be installed in public places such as municipalities areas.

By the end of 2019, the company managed to fit two kiosks in Bhubaneswar cities, and simultaneously by the end of January 2020, they installed two kiosks in Visakhapatnam Railway station with the tender of 3 years.

When asked about their first milestone, the officials said that their first milestone was placing the HII-SYSTEM in Visakhapatnam railway station. It gave them a bigger platform to showcase their product and an opportunity for future expansion.

Current Growth graph!

Its been three months since the company has installed its products in two cities and they are already witnessing a gradual increase of 25% in their revenue rates. This highlights an excellent market potential for them. However, in the recurring business that the company is in, the customer plays a vital role. Consequently, they, too, have some recurring customers.

Currently, their competitors are focusing less on railway stations. Hence, the company is taking advantage of the opportunities to capture the market with minimal price and better technology.