Centralized authorities do not govern an NFT domain, it is decentralized, and therefore it is controlled by the users themselves (1).

Since NFT domain names are decentralized, they have the potential to be utilized in a wider variety in comparison to conventional domain names. The NFT domain can be stored on the digital wallet of the users. They could even replace the lengthy alphanumeric address with the domain name as these are unique and cannot be copied.

The NFT domain is also a digital asset as they are listed in the public ledger, unlike the traditional domain name. Their value is quite similar to the crypto coins and tokens.

Decentralized domains are very secure and prevent any interference from the third party. Therefore, many users have been interested in minting their own NFT domain name.

Quik.com NFT Domains

Quik.com (2) is one such platform that services its user with the ability to mint, buy, sell, and hold NFT domains. Right now, the internet is transitioning from web2 to web3. We can observe the rising interest of common people in projects like a metaverse. The demands for a decentralized, permissionless, trustless platform have been rising. In such a situation, the internet is bound to change, and one of the major contributors to these changes would be NFT domain names.

Platforms like Quik.com have already started adopting new technologies to assist users in gaining their NFT domains and be well prepared for future changes (3). Quik strives to popularise and increase the acceptance of NFT domains worldwide.


Quik.com helps users mint their domain name; they can even buy and hold NFT domain names. Quik plans to launch a chrome plugin, facilitating its users to surf through Web3. They can even host their decentralized  web3 website through these extensions.

Quik function as an entry point to web3 through the NFT domain and browser plugin. Many users among those who were first to sign up to this platform would be given immediate access to web3; they would even be able to post their content on these websites (4).

Why choose NFT domain names over traditional domain names?

The NFT domain has to be purchased only once; they would have complete control over their NFT domain names and would not be asked for renewal charges. The traditional domain owners must renew their domain names because they lease them from the centralized domain naming services. Therefore, users now prefer the NFT domain over other conventional domains.

The NFT domain is stored in the digital wallets of the users. Therefore, they can be easily monitored. The traditional domain name is governed by a centralized authority, which controls these domain names.

Web3 is supposed to be a decentralized, democratized, permissionless, trustless experience; the traditional domain can not, for a fact, fulfill these promises. The NFT domain, on the other hand, is fully capable of facilitating these concepts. When we compare the traditional and the NFT domains side by side, the users can view the benefits (5) of the NFT domain.

The NFT domain names make the whole process of transaction hassle-free because the users can replace the lengthy alphanumeric crypto-address of the digital wallet with the domain name. The NFT domain is not affected by censorship therefore, it will always be online, and the owner can only take it down.

The NFT domain will function as the universal username of the user in web3!

TLDs at Quik.com!

Quik offers users a variety of TLDs. Although the minting at Quik is limited and follows the first-come, first-mint model, many users are eager to mint their unique username.

Following is the list of TLDs users can choose from:










How to buy it?

Minting the NFT domain name on Quik is very easy (6), all the users have to do is follow a few steps to own a Domain name.

Users can buy or mint their preferable domain name at Quik.com very easily. They must link their digital wallet to their Quik account, then log in and search for the domain name. If the domain name is available, they can click on it to mint it. Then they would have to confirm the transaction, and once approved, the domain name will be visible in the user’s profile.

Fetaures of Quik.com’s Domain Names

We are already aware of how beneficial these domain names are, so let us now look at a few features (7)  of them that distinguish them from other domain names.

  • Zero renewal charges and full control and ownership over the domain name.
  • The domain name is not affected by censorship. Therefore, it cannot be taken down by anyone else but the owner.
  • These domains are stored in blockchain. Therefore, they are very secure and function as payment gateway.
  • They can be used to host a decentralized website using IPFS, allowing smart contracts to be easily employed on these websites.
  • Users can use their digital wallet's domain name as a customized crypto address.
  • They can be used as a username in the web3.

Quik strives to provide a solid foundation for users who wish to transition from web2 to web3. The minting of the NFT domain is life at Quik.com, so users can now mint NFT using TLDs like .vr and .metaverse.

Why Choose Quik?

Quik allows the users to one the domain, unlike the conventional domain naming service that only leases the domain to the users. Quik (8) offers an advanced search service to mint and register NFT domains. So they can own a decentralized domain very easily. Each domain name at Quik comes with unique artwork, and they are considered digital assets of the users that can be stored in their digital wallets.

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