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Hailing from the city of Kanpur, Nitish Arora is on a mission to encourage and empower startups by providing them with high-quality premium refurbished products at affordable prices, helping reduce the initial tech investment by up to 80%.


Starting a startup requires a heavy tech & real estate capital that often drains the majority of the startup funding. Every startup requires high-quality premium products to be installed in the office for getting on with the constant hustle of reaching heights, but what becomes a hindrance is the high price linked with the premium products.

Nitish Arora
Nitish Arora

Hailing from the city of Kanpur, Nitish Arora launched his startup Unii to provide a trustworthy and robust solution to this problem. An avid problem solver at heart, Nitish is continually working on building outputs that serve as a beneficial asset to individuals worldwide. 


The Idea & Inspiration Behind Unii

One day while Nitish was engrossed working, one of his juniors came up to him for advice on starting his Photography within a strict budget. Nitish advised him to buy second-hand products for his studio, that could save him up to 50% on the budget. 

To his surprise, his junior told him that the second-hand products provided by the local vendors could not be relied upon as they often change the internal components of the device with a cheaper alternative and don’t offer a warranty on the bought products, making it a highly risky purchase. 

On realizing the intensity of the statement, Nitish decided to form Unii to provide a helping hand towards individuals like his junior in commencing their startup journey.


What is Unii? is a platform that provides the best quality and highly reliable second-hand premium products at great prices and warranty that assists them in accomplishing two missions:

  • Encouraging people to commence their venture by reducing the initial tech investment amount by up to 80%
  • Providing premium products to all at affordable prices, in turn, helping them fulfill their desires within their budget

They provide with A Grade refurbished products that come with a genuine product certificate, Unii Care Warranty, for up to 1 year with seven days hassle-free Replacement. You can buy computers, laptops, Macbooks, cameras & accessories, gaming products, smartphones, and smartwatches. 


Initial Challenges

Nitish talked about the significant challenges faced by him and his company at the outset. He told TimesNext that they met significant issues while purchasing reliable products with genuine parts in the second-hand marketplace. Nitish, to resolve this issue, formed up a team of individuals called Unii Care that makes each product go through Quality Checks that includes a product’s reliability, durability, and genuineness.


On First Milestone & More

Unii considers acquiring quality products for their company as their very first milestone as a company. Not only does Unii have a functional growth status, but it has also been making various startups as a part of its happy customer base, in addition to other individuals who have started ordering from Unii.

While talking about his vision for the company, Nitish told Team TimesNext,

“My present vision is to help other startups to grow, empower other people to start their startups, and to provide a platform where a user can trust the brand name of Unii for a second-hand product.”

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Saumya Uniyal
Saumya Uniyal
A passionate writer with bachelor’s in the field of English & Journalism. Other than being a bibliophile, some of her hobbies are travelling, photography and poetry.

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