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Ananya Dubey

How Sinus Infection influences a Body

The Sinus infection is usually caused due to a virus that remains to stay in the body even after the symptoms regarding the disease are gone. In some rare cases, the reason for the infection can be fungus or bacteria. To keep yourself informed regarding such issues, some common symptoms...

Ananya Dubey

Health Benefits and Miracles of Turmeric

From the primary use of Turmeric in Indian foods to high consumption of Turmeric in medication, there are several benefits that one can achieve through Turmeric. There are several ways through which Turmeric can definitely help in some of the conditions. Hence, here we are to help you out with...

Nidhia Sebastian

How to stop overthinking and live a happier life

When one bad thing happens in life, have you found yourself thinking of all the worst possible outcomes? It is our brain’s way of preparing ourselves for any danger that we might have to face. However, when this leads to a negative thought process, it can totally destroy your...

Team Rucha Joshi

High Protein Foods: Appetizing Protein-Rich Vegan Food

Index 1. Introduction 2. Are Vegans Getting Enough High Protein Foods? 3. List of High Protein Foods 4. Additional Details on High Protein Foods 5. High Protein Foods: Final Note Introduction There are numerous benefits of including high protein foods in your diet. According to several studies (1), having abundant...

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