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Pan Aadhaar Link: Supreme Court made linking of Aadhaar Pan Mandatory, Deadline & other details

This article is about the government making the pan aadhaar link mandatory and all the information that you need to know conc
This article is about the government making the pan aadhaar link mandatory and all the information that you need to know concerning the pan aadhar link.

The government, earlier, has made mandatory for the aadhaar pan link. There were several people that claimed that aadhaar pan link should not be made compulsory because aadhaar is not constitutionally valid.


Putting an end to all the anxiety, Supreme Court declared that aadhaar is constitutionally valid, and pan aaadhar link should be mandatory in September 2018.

  • The government has eight times shifted the deadline for the pan aadhaar link because there are still several people that are facing many problems for the aadhaar verification.
  • The government has many times shifted the deadline for the aadhaar pan link, but finally, the deadline was 31 March 2020 and shifted again until 30 June due to the ongoing Corona Virus.

The Income Tax Department introduced Permanent Aadhaar Number so that there is easy access to assessee’s data, and they can find about the payment of taxes done by the assessee easily. Pan aadhaar link will further make things easier.

  • Permanent Account Number is unique and is permanent for all the people of India.
  • The Income-tax department issues pan card under the supervision of the Central Board of Direct Taxes.
  • Pan aadhaar link will help in making the process of accessing assessee’s data easier.

Aadhaar is the 12 digits unique identity number that works as an identity card in India. Any person can get his aadhaar by giving his biometric and demographic data.

The records of aadhaar are maintained by a statutory organization, the Unique Identification Authority of India.


Aadhaar is the world’s largest biometric system. This is also one of the reasons that pan aadhaar link would be a good move.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes cleared some things about the mandatory pan aadhaar link.

  • CBDT said that If the person has been allotted the pan and is required to intimate his aadhaar number to the income tax department, he fails to do that, then the pan of that person would become inoperative.
  • The Income Tax department has made several amendments in the Income Tax rules and has added Section 114AA, which is about how pan will become inoperative.
  • A penalty of Rs. 10,000 will also be levied if anyone fails to comply with that.

There are many by which you can link your pan with aadhaar. The ways in which you can link pan with aadhaar which can be categorized in FOUR ways

  • Registered users(online)
  • Non registered users(online)
  • Offline mode
  • Sending an SMS

If you have earlier paid your income tax via the income tax website, it is very easy for you to link the pan and aadhaar. The steps to follow are

  • Login to the income tax website by entering your user id, password, and your DOB.
  • After you have logged into the website, click on the ‘profile settings’ tab, and choose the Link Aadhaar option.
  • A form will appear, and you would be required to fill it and enter your aadhaar number for linking the aadhaar and pan.
  • Then submit the form, and a message would pop up about the successfully linking of aadhaar and pan.

If you wish that pan aadhaar link could be done online and do not want that, you should get registered on the income tax website. There is a wat to do that. The following are the steps that you need to follow

  • A direct link has been provided on the income tax website.
  • Click on the ‘Link Aadhaar,’ and a form will appear.
  • Fill the form for the pan aadhaar link and fill in the necessary details.
  • Then submit the form, and your pan will be linked with aadhaar successfully.

The government has provided an offline way also to ease the process of aadhaar pan link. Aadhaar can be linked with the pan card by visiting a PAN service provider, UTTITSL, and NSDL.


This service is not free of cost, and the service provider will ask you to pay a small amount for linking the aadhaar with the pan.

If you want that aadhaar pan link can easily be done without even using the internet at home.

  • CBDT has said that people can link aadhaar pan by sending and SMS to the PAN service providers.
  • You can send the aadhaar details to either 567678 or 56161.
  • The PAN service providers do not charge fees for this.
  • A study has shown that there will be nearly 17.5 crores of PAN cards that will become inoperative after the deadline.
  • Till January 2020, nearly 307.5 million PANs have already been linked with the aadhaar card, according to a certain report.

The aadhaar pan link status can be found out by two ways which are given below

  • By visiting the income tax website
  • By sending an SMS

To know the status of aadhaar pan link, you need to send an SMS either to 567678 or 561616 in the following manner,


A message showing the status of aadhaar pan link will be sent by the pan service providers.