Prmovies: Illegal Portal to Downlaod Movies

People have different websites to download and stream movies through; some are illegal movie websites that promote piracy. One such site is Prmovies, which allows users to download free content from their website.


Movies are always our priority to watch whenever we have time to kill and nothing to do. With thousands of websites available for people to download videos through them, one has their own particular choice. Most of these movie portals function illegally yet have millions of users daily for the streaming of movies online. Similarly, one such website is Prmovies, which operates unlawfully and against the laws of the Indian Constitution.

One should strictly follow the rules regarding such websites and have the use of an official portal that does not face piracy issues against them. As the government of different countries mentions piracy being against their Constitution, India has rules for people to prohibit the use of websites that promote piracy, and most of the sites have been shut off due to this. Hence, let’s know some more details regarding the Prmovies.


About Prmovies

Prmovies is an online website that allows people to have access to their portal and download or stream movies online for free. One can have access to thousands of videos of different genres and features to be downloaded through their portal. People can easily find the film of their interest to download and can even stream them online. The film present on the portal is available for free, and no additional or hidden costs are required to download videos through the Prmovies.

Although this platform is considered illegal and functions entirely against the Indian Constitution’s rules, one should prohibit using such websites for downloading movies. Any person who is found promoting or using such portals can face legal actions against them and can even face several issues.


Features of Prmovies

With millions of users active on their portal daily, there must be something special about the portal. Prmovies have some best features for their audience to experience through and have some good time. Some of the main features Prmovie includes movies of different genres, from action to romance, web Series and the famous TV Series. Moreover, the portal of Prmovies has different movies available; one can watch Hollywood movies to the famous Bollywood and Tollywood movies as well. The features of Prmovies include different picture qualities like 480p, 720p, and even 1080p. People can also find some of the Hollywood and South Indian dubbed movies available on the platform.


Categories of Movies

There are several categories of movies present on the portal of Prmovies. People can easily select their films or the TV Series they feel to watch through these categories and can find the perfect match according to their mood. Some of the categories present on the portal of Prmovies are mentioned below.

  • Web Series of different portals like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.
  • TV Series
  • Bollywood 2018-20 movies
  • Hollywood 2018-20 movies
  • Hollywood Dubbed movies
  • South Dubbed movies
  • Action movies
  • Adventure movies
  • Animation movies
  • Sci-fi

Apart from such categories and genres of movies present on the portal of Prmovies, one can even see many films based on languages such as

  • Bengali movies
  • Gujarati movies
  • Marathi movies
  • Tamil movies
  • Telugu movies
  • Pakistani movies


Alternatives to Prmovies

As mentioned above, Prmovies is an illegal portal to download movies for free. Thus, due to this issue, the government keeps shutting off such a gateway to prohibit people from downloading such a film. Hence, some of the alternatives to the portal have been mentioned below such that people can find both legal and illegal options to choose the movies from.

Some of the alternatives, which function similar to the Prmovies

Some of the legal alternatives that function similar to the Prmovies but have proper content available on their portal

  • Netflix(1)
  • Amazon Prime(2)
  • MX player
  • ALTBalaji
  • Zee5
  • Hotstar(3)


Is the Portal of Prmovies Legal and Trustworthy?

No, as clearly stated above, the website Prmovies function entirely illegally and have pirated movies. Hence, one should avoid using such portals as they can eventually make people get involved in legal issues. Moreover, these types of movie portals are a hub of Hackers and different viruses that may get transferred to your PC or device through which one downloads a movie. Hence, one should avoid using such portals and have access to official portals that might require some nominal subscription fee, which is worth your money.



Portals like Prmovies impose a threat to their audience and users. Although they have amusing and creative features with different genres of the movie on their platform, one should avoid getting involved in such illegal activities instead of supporting official portals that function through a proper method.

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Ananya Dubey
Ananya Dubey
I am a creative writer who likes to spread information. With different hobbies like panting and singing, i like writing and expressing the most. I am currently working as a content writer and am always curious to learn something new.

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