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Retool Expands Low-Code Platform to Support External Apps

Retool launches "Retool for External Apps," expanding its low-code platform to create secure and efficient business apps for external use.

Photo by Rami Al-zayat / Unsplash

Retool Introduces "Retool for External Apps"

Retool, renowned for its low-code tools in building browser-based internal applications since 2017, has now launched "Retool for External Apps." This expansion marks a significant shift towards enabling businesses to create secure, efficient apps not just for internal use but also for external audiences.

The service is already in use by prominent companies like Orangetheory and various startups during its preview phase.

Addressing Business App Needs

CEO David Hsu highlights Retool's approach to simplify app development by providing common building blocks like buttons, forms, and tables. These components are crucial for creating CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) applications that interact with databases, whether for internal operations or external customer-facing functionalities.

The platform's expansion underscores its capability to meet the diverse needs of business software, emphasizing functionality over intricate design, while also enhancing user experience and security.

Enhanced Features and Accessibility

Retool has integrated essential features such as authentication, authorization, and API utilization to ensure robust security and data management in external applications. The platform supports embedding new apps seamlessly into existing ones via React and JavaScript SDKs, facilitating customization and streamlined user onboarding experiences.

This move aims to elevate the standard of software delivery to external users, aligning with modern expectations for both performance and aesthetics in business software solutions.

Future Outlook and Industry Impact

With a renewed mission to democratize access to "good software," Retool positions itself to redefine application development standards by prioritizing performance and reliability akin to consumer-grade applications.

As businesses increasingly prioritize digital transformation and user-centric application design, Retool's expansion into external apps signifies a pivotal step towards empowering developers to deliver high-quality, secure software experiences across broader audiences.