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What is Risky Business Costume?

When it comes to the Risky business costumes that Joel Goodson wore in Risky Business, he changed them quite a bit throughout the movie.

Risky Business Costume
Photo by Rui Silvestre / Unsplash

Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay star in the American teen comedy film Risky Business, released in 1983 and written and directed by Paul Brickman, marking Brickman's debut as a director. The film touches on various themes, including adulthood, materialism, the loss of childhood innocence, and capitalism. The Risky Business, Cruze's initial films, was a critical and financial triumph! (1) However, if there is one thing that all people still remember very fondly, is the risky business costume!

Tom Cruz gives a standout performance as the film's primary protagonist, Joel Goodson, in Risky Business. (2) When it comes to the Risky business costumes that Joel Goodson wore in Risky Business, he changed them quite a bit throughout the movie.

In the movie Risky Business, he wore various outfits throughout the story, many of which remain hilarious and, unexpectedly, highly fashionable. We have included the popular Shirt and Underwear costume in this post, which looks like it would be a lot of fun to cosplay with friends.

A Guide to the Risky Business Costume

Costumes from Risky Business are straightforward; get the things in your size and wear them!

Risky Business Costume
Risky Business Costume. Image Source: Pinterest (3)

Joel Goodson's Underwear and Shirt Costume Shirt: Buy the Pink shirt from above and wear it without any sweatshirt.

Undergarments: For the outfit, you should wear clean, white underpants. If you don't already have any white underwear, you can get some of the ones recommended for this costume by looking at the list above.

White socks must be worn - and if you plan to go out to a party, you should also wear white shoes.

Candle Holder: All you need is this and a candle holder to complete your transformation into Joel Goodson from Risky Business.

Risky Business Costume
Risky Business Costume. Image Source: BaMF (4)

Costume of Joel Goodson's Goggles and Coat Black Shirt: For this costume, you can choose any black shirt from your closet or get a new one specifically for the occasion.

Casual Coat: Obtain a casual coat in a grayish color, similar to the one that Tom Cruise wore in the film.

Jeans: For this look, we recommend that you wear blue jeans.

Black Googles: To finish off this look, you'll need a pair of black goggles.

Lana's Costume

Risky Business Costume
Risky Business Costume. Image Source: Spotern (4)

In the movie Risky Business, Joel's lover is a woman named Lana.

T-shirt: Obtain a pink striped t-shirt like Lana's one in the film Risky Business.

Jeans: To round off the look, you'll need a pair of blue jeans that are styled similarly to Lana's.

More About Joel Goodson in Risky Business

It would be great if you could look like Joel, but you must also be familiar with his personality. Now that we have that out of the way let's learn more about Joel.

In the outskirts of Chicago, Joel calls the stately home of his parents home. Even though it is a beautiful environment, Joel can't wait to get out of high school and start his life.

Because of the constant pressure from his parents for him to perform well in school, he feels the atmosphere in the house is stifling.

They believe he should follow in his father's footsteps by attending Princeton University. Although he believes his academic performance will not be sufficient, they have already scheduled an interview for him there.

The SATs are approaching, and Joel continues to have the same recurring nightmare about them. The dream always begins with the same scene, which depicts a naked woman taking a shower, but it always concludes with the same event: barely three minutes left of the exam.

Having a good time is one of their interests. On the other hand, he does not get many opportunities to enjoy himself most of the time. When Joel's parents are away for the weekend, he sneaks out of the house, takes his father's Porsche, and dances in his underwear while listening to Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll."

The stunning prostitute Lana is the object of his affection. Lana is not like the other girls that Joel knows, and he first becomes acquainted with her because of his friend Miles from high school. He said, "It was incredible to see how her mind operated. No guilt, no uncertainties, no dread. Not one of my areas of expertise. Just the unabashed pursuit of pleasure in the here and now. Because it is so uncommon for high school seniors to find love that lasts with prostitutes, this relationship naturally offers many difficulties.

Because of a series of unfortunate events, he is now a pimp, and the house where he grew up has been converted into a brothel. Lana successfully persuaded Joel to have a party; however, things quickly spiraled out of control as she invited all her prostitute friends to attend.

On the one hand, Joel worries that the police will show up, but on the other, he is very certain there is still a significant amount of money to be made before they arrive.

Stressed out and a little overwhelmed despite having good intentions, Joel enjoys having a good time. Still, feelings of guilt plague him because his parents want him to take his future more seriously, and there are times when Joel acknowledges that his parents may be correct.

But Lana will completely change all of that. She instills in him the ability to let go of any feelings of guilt. Even if she might not be a positive influence, Joel is aware that whatever transpires during that night will be etched in his memory for a long time.


The Risky business costume is now a cult. People like to wear the same outfit as Tom Cruise. Even though it is old, it is still funky and widely loved. What are your thoughts on this?