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How Bangalore based Samatvam AyurYoga – A Yoga and Ayurveda Marketplace is Getting People on a Global Wellness Map

Let's Discover how Dr. Vasudha M Sharma's startup Samatvam AyurYoga is helping people control their health and needs and get
Let’s Discover how Dr. Vasudha M Sharma’s startup Samatvam AyurYoga is helping people control their health and needs and get on a global wellness map.

The Team

Samatvam AyurYoga Founders - Dr. Vasudha M Sharma, Vinay Nagabhushan and Dr. Manjunatha Nandi Krishnamurthy
Samatvam AyurYoga Founders – Dr. Vasudha M Sharma, Vinay Nagabhushan and Dr. Manjunatha Nandi Krishnamurthy

Dr. Vasudha M Sharma, the founder, and Chief Product Officer at Samatvam AyurYoga completed her Ph.D. in Integrating Ayurveda and yoga therapy with a special focus on pain management.

She is a senior Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy consultant with over 20+ years of clinical experience. She is the founder of another brand known as Vivekananda Health Global (VHG), which is the World’s first chain of integrative treatment using Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy.

Vinay Nagabhushan is the co-founder and Chief Executive officer at Samatvam AyurYoga. Vinay completed his Bachelor’s in Production Engineering from NIT and completed his Master of Supply Chain Management from Stephen M Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. A doer to Core Vinay has rich experience in bringing organizational change to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Vinay has worked with Infosys, Future group, and is an accomplished supply chain operation leader with 15+ years of experience.

Dr. Manjunatha Nandi Krishnamurthy is the Chief Technical Advisor at Samatvam AyurYoga and also director of the World’s first and only Yoga research lab. Dr. Manjunatha completed his Ph.D. in yoga and geriatric medicine and has published more than 60 papers in reputed international and national medical journals and has over 25+ years of research experience.

What is Samatvam AyurYoga?

Samatvam AyurYoga
Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.”

Samatvam AyurYoga is a yoga and Ayurveda marketplace. The company has products that include vision relaxers, beverages, natural snacks, haircare, skincare, perfumes essential oils, music, raga, and much beyond. The company’s secret sauce lies in minute tenets of Ayurveda and Naturopathy, which are used to design these products.

Check out the website for Samatvam AyurYoga here.

Focusing on Wellness

The company has a range of products for Institutional businesses, or clinical centers which include Ayurveda and Naturopathy treatment equipment such as Droni, Swedana yantra, Shirodhara stand, and others which comes with first of its kind integrated technology for instant diagnostic information thus aiding businesses with real-time pre, during and post-treatment data.

Check out the website for Samatvam AyurYoga here.

The Idea and Inspiration behind Samatvam AyurYoga

Samatvam AyurYoga
“Yoga is a mirror to look at ourselves from within”

Dr. Vasudha believes that every person has the opportunity to live a balanced healthy life, but the environment in which we live can favor health or could be harmful to it.

Taking inspiration from Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Yoga, The company Samatvam products put people in control of their health and needs. The company’s products help develop and promote functional ability and shape one’s conscience towards wellbeing and health behavior.

Challenges in the outset

Samatvam AyurYoga

Dr.Vasudha says that access to capital was the primary challenge for the company. However, perseverance and hope fueled their thoughts, and addiction to shape a healthy person enabled the company to deliver products.

Collaborations and First Milestone

Samatvam AyurYoga

The company recently collaborated with top research universities to ideate, prototype their products with integrated technologies, which is futuristic and top of the league.

The company got the first Milestone breakthrough with the launch of the World’s first Ayurveda based vending machine – prakrutea. Powdered by Ayurveda, prakrutea offers three variants based on the current health condition, and with a simple self-guided interaction.

Samatvam AyurYoga – On Growth and Vision

The company has flourished so well in no time and is currently involved in manufacturing and trading Ayurveda treatment equipment, which are driven by research and handcrafted.

For a secure future, the company is leveraging technology to augment the effectiveness and delivery of these equipments.

The company visions to create a balanced YOU, by balancing YOUR senses, substantiated using “5” elements of nature.