How Sarthi Bharara’s startup – Keynotto is helping people find new homes


If you are moving out of your home and leaving all the comforts behind to start a new life in a whole new city, the biggest concern you have is finding your “new home.” Moving out is an overall new experience as you get a sense of independence and realize that finally, you are adulting, but this marks the beginning of your new life and unique struggles. If you are a bachelor, then finding your “new home” could be a tough task for you but not anymore. Several platforms are available which help an individual in finding a place they can rent out for the time they are there.

After spending some time in the U.K. for his education, Sarthi Bharara realized how tough it is to find a place to live in and how sometimes the listed pictures on the platform are different from reality. This struggle of house hunting sparked an idea in Sarthi’s head to build a startup that allows the users to look at videos of the houses that are available for rent, and this is how Keynotto was born. The whole idea of the startup is to make the process of house hunting ‘easy-peasy’ as people shifting within the city or from some other town need a reliable source to help them out.

Mostly brokers list the properties on portals, and sometimes they claim to be the owners as well. Listings on Keynotto are personally verified, and the proofs for the following are given on the platform as well. Keynotto is a one-stop-shop for people as it helps them avoid dealing with brokers, driving to the location of the house, and it helps them in saving time.


How it all started?

Founder - Sarthi Bharara
Keynotto Founder – Sarthi Bharara

Talking with TimesNext, Sarthi Bharara talks about his academics and personal life. Born and brought up in New Delhi, and he completed his graduation in Bachelor of Science in Statistics from Delhi University. After that, he decided to go abroad for his master’s degree in Investment Analysis from the University of Sterling, Scotland, in the U.K. in 2018. During this period, he worked as an Equity Research Intern at Metis Capital Management Ltd., and then he moved to Dubai, where he worked as an investment analyst.


The keynotes about Keynotto

He explains to TimesNext that the main work frame of the Keynotto platform is to connect owners with tenants who are willing to rent accommodation for medium to long term directly. The landlords who are interested in renting out their property have to fill up a small form and give details about their property. A meeting is scheduled at the property where the team personally verifies the property. The team takes HD pictures along with a full video tour of the property with details of the property and description of the neighborhood.

After completing this, all the data about the property is added on Keynotto’s platform, and the promotion is done using social media platforms as well as on the company’s YouTube channel to attract tenants. There is no brokerage involved, which makes it easier for both parties to deal and save money. Some freelancers are working for the firm to verify the properties, and they get paid in return. Property listings requests are checked out by the verifier of that area, and on the confirmation, the respective verifier would get the lead.


The hurdles in Sarthi’s way

Sarthi talks more about Keynotto and the difficulties he faced in the early days. The most significant challenge faced by Sarthi was when they tried explaining this concept to the landlords and the potential tenants. However, Sarthi is keeping an optimistic attitude and believes that with time, users will understand the business model, and they will adopt this method.


The first milestone for Keynotto

The most important thing for the company was to create a valid business model, and he managed to achieve that few months before Keynotto was launched. During the business planning phase, Sarthi received a positive response from people, and this pushed him to develop and launch Keynotto.


The current growth of Keynotto

Talking about the growth of their business, Sarthi tells us how Keynotto went live on 16th September 2019, and in 2 months they have listed about 50 properties on their portal. The growth of the company depends on when the website will have more properties as closing a deal would get them some profit for the company. More properties would give them more options for people.

Every project takes time to pick up the pace, and even though the platform is not growing in terms of deals completed, the website is gaining the attention of people as people visit the place regularly.


The bigger picture for the company

Talking to TimesNext with hopes and excitement, Sarthi told us that he wishes to make Keynotto the leading real estate portal of India. He wants his platform to be the first choice by every user who is planning to rent out their property or want to rent a place.

Currently, the platform is just operating in Delhi – NCR, but his ultimate goal is to carry out operations across the country. Slowly he plans to remove the problem faced by people when it comes to renting a flat. High-security deposits are also one of the few reasons why people face a hard time finding a flat.

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Vineet Chaudhary is a content writer with computer applications as his background field. His interests range from writing and photography to going out for trips and rides on weekends.

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Vineet Chaudhary
Vineet Chaudhary
Vineet Chaudhary is a content writer with computer applications as his background field. His interests range from writing and photography to going out for trips and rides on weekends.

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