Scholarship India 2020: Latest Nation and State-wise scholarships

If you are searching for a viable scholarship, this article is the one for you. The article mentions all the applicable scholarships in India


  1. Introduction
  2. State-Wise scholarships
  3. Category-wise
  4. Pre-matric and post-matric
  5. Frequently Asked Questions



The Indian government offers a range of scholarships for its citizens. Almost every student can avail of these scholarships and benefit from it. If you are searching for a scholarship, then you have reached the right article. You can check out different types of scholarships based on state, gender, Pre matric, post-matric, and many other categories. 

Note: All of the scholarships mentioned below are the updated and recent versions. 


State-Wise scholarships

1. UP Scholarship 2020

The government of Uttar Pradesh provides the UP scholarship. This scholarship is available for students who are enrolled in a certified educational institution in Uttar Pradesh, which claims more than two lakh schools and about sixty universities. Furthermore, the Uttar Pradesh scholarship program includes a range of different scholarships for pre-university students, students studying in class X, and even degree students. These scholarships are mostly designed and viable for students belonging to a lower caste-like OBC, SC, ST. This helps the students by providing significant funds for educational purposes. 

Check out the full details here.


2. Himachal Pradesh Scholarship

The Himachal Pradesh Epass scholarship program is an initiative taken up by the government of Himachal Pradesh. This program recently launched, that is, in the year 2019. The verification process is still going on, and students can register for the scholarships. The government of Himachal Pradesh is giving scholarships to all the minority students hailing from SC/ST/OBC and other Minority castes. Apart from that, another scholarship pass including in HP Scholarships, is applicable for students belonging to the general Castes too. One condition for availing the scholarship is that the student has to be enrolled in a certified educational institution. 


3. MP Scholarship 2020

The MP scholarship is a program offered by the Maharashtra government. The scholarship program was launched in the year 2020.

This scholarship mostly targets the students who completed their 12th and graduated from pre-universities securing at least seventy-five percent in their exams. The educational board of Maharashtra verifies this information. These scholarships also target the students from CBSE and ICSE board. But, the minimum percentage secured to avail the scholarship is eight-five. The final condition of the scholarship program is the annual family income of the student must be below six Lakhs.


4. Punjab scholarship program

The Punjab government offers a list of scholarships to the students living in Punjab. These scholarships mainly target students from minority castes like OBC/SC/ST. But, every student who deserves the scholarships will be rewarded. The criteria for registering for a scholarship depends on the state of Punjab. The scholarships are mainly presented with cash prizes and other awards. This program was initiated in 2019 and is still open for registration—the eligibility criteria published in the official Punjab scholarship portal. 


Category-wise scholarships

1. Indian Oil Sports scholarship:

The Indian Oil Sports scholarship program gives utmost importance to sports as its primary development path shortly. The next important thing after developing their brand and quality is to start the scholarship program. Indian Oil is promoting the growth of sports and its importance for the past three decades. The main aim of the Indian Oil Corporation is to encourage the hidden talent within people by providing scholarships to them and help them bring it to the surface. This facilitates them to work better for Indian Oil and for the country as well. Indian Oil gives its utmost attention to sports like Cricket, hockey, tennis, badminton, etc. 


2. GATE Scholarship

The GATE scholarships are funded by the All India Council for Technical Education (1). The primary goal of this scholarship program is to promote post-graduation courses like ME, M.Tech, etc. These scholarships are applicable to students currently enrolled in a postgraduate course in a certified educational institution—a detailed eligibility criterion given on the website of AICTE. You can find it under the scholarship program on the site. The cash prize is directly credited to the applicant’s bank account once their application is verified. This is taken care of by the Public Finance Management System. 


Pre-matric and post-matric

1. Post matric scholarships:

Vodafone Scholarship

Vodafone is a multinational telecommunication service company that encourages the empowerment of the knowledge and likes to support the students on the way of providing excellent education to every interested and talented student. The telecom company provides scholarships to these students and shows a better path for learning. The company also introduced the ‘Learn with Vodafone Scholarship’ program that helps the students show the scholarship results not only in the private sectors but also in the government sector. This helps them land a secure and high-paying job.


Pre Matric Scholarships

Jio Scholarship

Reliance Jio is one of the leading telecom service providers in India, Jio Scholarship 2020, introduced by the owner of Reliance JIO Infocomm Limited (RJIL), Mukesh Ambani. This Jio Scholarship Scheme targets the students of 10th to 12th, PG from arts, commerce, and even science streams. For further information on the eligibility criteria of these scholarships, you can check out the Jio scholarship portal.

The motto of the Jio Scholarship is to help the poor and needy people and raise the level of educated people to improve our country. Hence, these scholarships mainly target the children coming from minority castes like SC/ST/OBC and other minority castes.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any scholarships available for people excelling in athletics?

Many scholarships are aiming to fund upcoming athletics. For example, The Indian Oil scholarship program is one of the scholarships available. This supports and encourages the talent in students and brings it out.


2. Does the above article cover State-wise scholarship programs too?

This article does cover the state-wise scholarship programs. As you see at the top of the report, the scholarship programs of states like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and others mentioned.

Scholarships like these aim to provide a cash prize to all its eligible applicants. Most of these scholarships target students from minority castes like SC/ST/OBC.

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Pratap Simha
Pratap Simha
Pratap is an avid reader and he wishes to give back the community something in return. He is currently pursuing Engineering in the field of Computer Science in Bengaluru. He has a genuine passion for writing and spreading it to everyone. He has a thirst for knowledge and always seeking it out and aiming to be a better version of himself.

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