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Startup Story Behind Utobo – An Online Tutoring Platform Helping Institutions Create Courses and Test Series

Let’s Uncover the story of Raj Sahu’s Startup Utobo, an Online Tutoring Platform that is Helping Institutions create courses and Test Series.

With the development of Technology, the Indian education system has witnessed an enhanced acceptance of online education over a period of time. Online learning is becoming more popular among working professionals and students as they find immense benefits in the autonomy and flexibility that the courses offer. One such startup – Utobo is taking the initiative to move ahead into the field of online learning.

What is Utobo?

Utobo App

Utobo is a SAAS based online tutoring platform, which helps institutions in creating courses and test series and helping them sell online.

Utobo App (1)

The company provides the value proposition for tutors like content ownership and branding and freedom to isolate the classroom or the sale to the global market. At the same time, the students have the privilege of choosing tutors and courses locally or globally.

Utobo App (1)

The students can communicate, collaborate, and participate with the platform’s rich features, just like a physical classroom.

Check out the Utobo platform here.

About the Founder

Utobo Founder and CEO - Raj Sahu
Utobo Founder and CEO – Raj Sahu

Raj Sahu, the CEO, and founder of Utobo hails from a small village near Raipur Chhattisgarh. Raj completed his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. Soon after completing his journey, Raj started his corporate journey working with Startups and MNCs and has around 9 years of experience in the industry.

Poriya Chintan - COO at Utobo
Poriya Chintan – COO at Utobo
Haresh Poriya – CTO at Utobo

The idea behind Utobo

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While talking to TimesNext, Raj told us that when he was studying in school, there was no penetration of the internet and mobile devices, and it was almost impossible to get individual attention inside or outside the classroom due to lack of tutors and time constraints.

Utobo App

Raj observed that things are changing to the internet and mobile devices. However, personalized learning and stickiness to educational apps are still very less, Raj wanted to fix this, and this is how the idea of starting Utobo was born.

Challenges faced in the outset

Raj faced a lot of challenges, in the beginning, he observed that as for most of the SAAS product company, sustaining and working patiently for a long time was the most challenging task.

The next challenge Raj faced was to bring the tutors with quality content who genuinely believed in raising the student’s performance and willing to engage with them.

Utobo – Partnerships and First Milestone

The company right now is focusing on partnering with top online tutors for different subjects.

The company considers completing their amazing UI-UX design as their first milestone. Another significant milestone was securing the angel investment from Singapore based NRI and getting 100+ enquires from tutors within 1st week of the launch with zero spend on marketing.

On Growth and Vision

Utobo Team

Utobo has flourished so well in no time and has achieved a stable stage of the product and has started generating revenue. Currently, the company is witnessing around 30% month on month growth in a purely organic way.

The company visions to craft the future of the education system in a way where learning would be economical, collaborative, intuitive, and fun.

Check out the Utobo platform here.