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Startup Story: How Evolv is aiming to bring a value-driven advertising culture to Udaipur

Brothers, Pranay, and Chayan Tripathi established the Brand Management and brand building firm, Evolv. It is a company that p
Brothers, Pranay, and Chayan Tripathi established the Brand Management and brand building firm, Evolv. It is a company that provides you with all brand marketing solutions in one place. Let’s dig deeper into this startup.

The Founders

Evolv Founders - Pranay and Chayan Tripathi
Evolv Founders – Pranay and Chayan Tripathi

Evolv was founded by two brothers, Pranay and Chayan Tripathi. They were raised in the city of lakes, Udaipur, and belong to a service class family. The brother duo got selected for IIM Rohtak, but they stayed in Udaipur to pursue their dream. Both of them are currently pursuing MBA from Udaipur simultaneously.

Evolv – What’s it about?

Evolv is a Brand Management and building firm. It intends to provide ROI focused and 360-degree result-driven marketing services on Digital and Conventional Mediums with an unconventional approach to set the desired Brand Identity.

The startup has its expertise in:

  1. Brand Management
  2. Reputation Management
  3. Short Duration Campaigns

They aim to offer TV, radio, digital, PR, outdoor, events, etc. all in one platform. They build the brand from a product by selling experience to their clients. They are a team of 8 highly skilled professionals, providing a wide range of services.

Their current list of satisfied clients include:

  • Miraj Retail
  • Dr. Luv’s Ideal Health Clinic
  • Jewel Lake Jewellers
  • Raasleela Events
  • GVM Rajsamand
  • Skyholders Events
  • TRI Gov. of India
  • Golden Petal
  • The Chulha Kitchen
  • Nikhil Raj Singh Rathore (MLSU President)
  • DHI India.

Check out Evolv’s company profile on –

Check out Evolv’s website here.

What was the Vision, Idea, and Inspiration behind Evolv?


When asked about how they came up with this idea, Pranay said,

“It started when we met a few of our clients who had to manage different vendors for different advertising services. It was time-consuming, expensive, and tend to present a different brand message through various mediums.”

Hence, to counter this issue, they wanted to build a service that can serve all the brand marketing needs from one place. It helps in creating a single strategy across all channels, reduces their recurring cost of planning with individual vendors. Moreover, it also saves a lot of time.

The vision of the company in a simple line is to is bring a value-driven advertising culture to Udaipur and become a pioneer in creative advertising.

Challenges faced on the outset!

Udaipur is a tiny city and is still not developed to a level where brand marketing companies can flourish. The exposure and the experience of companies in the town are limited, which reduces their requirements to prevalent ones like SEO or SMO or lead generation. Consequently, it is still hard to convince people to spend a significant amount on simultaneous marketing efforts.

Plus, the industry here is being brought to the ground due to prices far lower than the standards, and hence, it gets difficult to convince the client to pay for the real value.

Collaborations and Partnerships of Evolv!

The company’s primary business model exists in working with partners from different mediums. It was challenging, in the beginning, to bring everyone on the same page, but now it’s better.

First Milestone and Current Growth Status!

When the brothers were asked about their first milestone, they said that for them, their first milestone was to get their first paid client.

The company was just incorporated one year ago. In this one year, they have managed to work with more than twenty clients for different creative services.