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Startup Story: How Gitish Sharma is helping to produce India’s most successful trade names – The ColdFox

ColdFox is a leading interactive virtual reality production company that has helped produce some of the India's most successf
ColdFox is a leading interactive virtual reality production company that has helped produce some of the India’s most successful trade names.

The Founder

ColdFox Founder - Gitish Rajan Sharma
The ColdFox Founder – Gitish Rajan Sharma

Gitish Rajan Sharma is the founder of The ColdFox. The founder is a Jaipur based tech entrepreneur and has been working on Virtual Reality (VR) since 2014. He is an alumnus of JECRC University and is a in CSE graduate.

The ColdFox – In Details

The ColdFox Website Screenshot
The ColdFox Website Screenshot

The ColdFox VR is a leading interactive virtual reality production company that has helped produce some of India’s most successful trade names. The company is in the business to grow its client’s business as well as making VR as an entertainment media for people. They’re a full-service virtual reality production company, but their work goes beyond just making this. The ColdFox works with its customers to explore the technology, to grow, and translate the vision into reality. Its team makes a divergence, and they assist their customers in showcasing their success in a different manner.

For instance, the startup creates a real-world/space environment where people can visit virtually and can interact with objects in the scene. Its upcoming product, “VR Wedding,” will be consumer-based. One will be able to experience the wedding day virtually anytime and can even interact with the people and objects in it.

Check out the company profile of The ColdFox on here –

Idea and Inspiration Behind The ColdFox

During the interview with TimesNext, Gitish told us that he believes-

“Whoever experiences virtual reality first time goes with a long-lasting impression.”

The founder experienced VR in 2014 for the first time during his graduation in a roller coaster ride in VR. It gave his thoughts a new dimension. He started exploring this tech with his friend/batchmate Kunal Nandwana (one of the co-founder) and found that VR can be the solution to many visual restrictions in today’s media. They started creating solutions for the hospitality industry and now serves almost every industry in the market like automobiles, real estate, media & entertainment, training & education, health & wellness, sports, etc.

Challenges the Outset Faced

The founder Started The ColdFox as a student entrepreneur. Hence, it was a difficult call at that time. Further, VR was also a new tech for many of the people; it was hard to work on such tech with having no expertise around you. The founder started his work in 2014 and incorporated it in 2017. Gitish worked for his startup without any mentor, government schemes, incubation, and such an ecosystem; however, he still considers it as a good exercise.

The ColdFox Collaborations and Partnerships

The company has worked for various industries and corporates like US Polo, Flying Machine, Sattviko, Style & Scissors, Aura health & spa, etc. The ColdFox now has an experience of B2B, B2C, B2B2B markets with private & non-confidential projects. The startup is growing with VR and now also starting to work in AR (Augmented Reality).

The First Milestone and Current Growth Status

Team The ColdFox
Team- The ColdFox

The ColdFox achieved its first milestone when its team created an MVP around 2015-16. Currently, the startup is under a million INR.

Founder’s Vision For ColdFox

The Coldfox

The founder is looking forward to a future where the world is entirely mapped digitally and becomes interactive. The ColdFox’s vision is to act as creators & catalyst towards creating immersive and interactive experiences for businesses and consumers.