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Startup Story: Manushree Khandelwal’s Kitchenware Brand – Femora

Manushree Khandelwal incorporated Femora in 2017 with a vision to design the latest Kitchenware products. Let's walk through

The Founder

Manushree Khandelwal from Jaipur is the brain behind this idea and vision of Femora.  During his college days, he realized the fact that the E-commerce market has a never-ending scope in today’s world. Consequently, he planned to sell commodities via digital platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, and many others.

Initially, he modified some old Jewel pieces and listed them out for sale. In the following months, he received a positive response, and his interest in this field grew more. Therefore, he widened his product range to office supplies, inks and cartridges, Kitchen & Household Items, Furnishing, and much more.

In 2017, he finally decided to break his ties with his allies and start a new brand, Femora.


Femora is a Jaipur based startup with a team of around 50 extremely talented professionals. The startup has its expertise in Kitchenware, Glassware, Borosilicate, and Health Care.

They are also now opening up ways to collect glass waste from Horeca, and retail consumers for reproducing as only 25% of glass is recycled in India.

The team of professionals at Femora is striving hard to create intelligence for all the consumers, which can provide the combinations of articles required in the kitchen.

They provide a wide range of kitchen essentials such as Kitchen Tools, Bakeware, Dinnerware, Oil Jars, Storage containers, Bowls and Casseroles, Spice Bottles, Cups & Saucers and Lunch boxes.

Check out the Femora’s company profile on Hiredd –

Check out the website for Femora here.

The Vision, idea, and Inspiration behind this startup!

Femora Brand is all about Reusable & Recyclable Modern Kitchenware Products.

Food is a basic necessity for the entire human civilization. But still, it gets wasted enormously. On one hand, tons of food is lost every day, but on the other hand, thousands of people die of starvation.

Manushree wanted a counter to this problem, so the basic idea behind the company was to increase the food shelf life and reduce food wastage.

Challenges faced on the outset!

During the interview, when we asked Manushree about the challenges that his brand faced, he said –

“Yes, initially, as a fresh new brand operating in a market ruled and overrun by family brands made it difficult to make a positioning.”

He further added that generating customer attraction for a new kitchenware product was challenging.

First Milestone and Current Growth status!

As described by Manushree, the company’s first milestone was when a reputed market-leading brand with more than 40 years of experience began producing similar products as Femora.

The company is progressing at a steady rate. It has shown tremendous development so far and continues to grow at a rate of 40-50% annually.