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The story behind Teao – A startup introducing the concept of healthy tea using Farm2Cup model

Creative is the foundation of any startup. Teao is one such startup that aims to introduce the concept of Farm2Cup, thereby p
Creative is the foundation of any startup. Teao is one such startup that aims to introduce the concept of Farm2Cup, thereby providing healthy tea.

About the Founders

Teao Founders - Avinash Cheluvaraja and Adarsh Ranganath
Teao Founders – Avinash Cheluvaraja and Adarsh Ranganath

Teao is run by two founders, Avinash Cheluvaraja and Adarsh Ranganath. Avinash is born and brought up in Bangalore and did his MBA in International Business from ICFAI. He has experience of 10+ years of working in this startup and corporate space predominantly in India and the Middle East. He has worked with two startups in the past, with varying degrees of success.

Adarsh is a commerce graduate with a keen interest in the agricultural space. He has worked in finance yet has always been inclined towards agricultural sciences. He has done successful research on multiple products.

About the Startup


The startup is a gourmet tea house where the team deals in exotic floral teas focusing on the Farm2Cup model. The team started the journey with Butterfly pea flower, which is a multi-purpose product that used in the food and beverage industry. The team’s clientele has also used the product as hot teas, cold teas, mixes in mocktails and cocktails.

The startup has extended its range of products by creating new blends of drinks, which not only have a wonderful flavor and aroma alongside multiple health benefits. It has ten times more antioxidants than many teas plus 100% Natural and Caffeine-free.

The same product has been used to create multiple recipes such as Classic Purple, Spice Medley, Classic Magenta, Mystic Green, and Mystic Blue.

Check out the website for Teao here.

Idea and Inspiration

The idea behind the introduction of Teao was to introduce consumers to a wide variety of teas, which in the outset is not just tea but also has many health benefits. The team intended to launch multiple products that had less consumer awareness but has the potential to change the trends in the beverage industry.

The team was inspired by the concept of introducing products that have been used since the golden ages but lost their value in modern times. (Products which have the potential to give people a healthy lifestyle in their favorite flavors.)

Partners and Collaborations by Teao

The startup has tied up with partners ranging from Network marketing companies to supermarkets to international collaborations. The team has also tied with companies such as WoW Purple Tea, Aker Foods, and Dus Minute. The experience has helped them achieve results faster and has made us more efficient in our product quality. These collaborations continue to this day and are helping the team succeed in creating awareness by fast-tracking it.

First Milestone for Teao

The company’s first significant milestone would be the closure of the first round of funding, where a mix of friends and family has seen the value in the product. This helped the team kick start the venture at full speed. The investors are a strong pillar for the organization and stand firm through every step of the journey.

Startup’s Current Growth Status

The company has seen mix results in revenue initially. This trend has been slowly moving in a positive direction as the team is gradually achieving long term clientele, collaborations, and new clients regularly. It is helping them to collab with some top names in the industry who have given a positive response to the products, which is a tremendous acknowledgment of the quality of the products. The sales with clients are slowly stabilizing and thus, providing a better picture for the future of the company.

Teao – The Vision

Team Teao
Team Teao

The vision of the company is to introduce consumers to a wide range of exotic products that can change the landscape of the food and beverage industry and create an impact in their daily lives.