A blockchain is a distributed database or ledger shared by the nodes of a computer network and uses digital technology to record information. It is well known for its function in keeping a secure and decentralized record of transactions in bitcoin and NFT systems. Read about the most recent blockchain developments and inventions influencing the digital sector.

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Team Rucha Joshi

NFT Hype: A Promising Tomorrow or Another Bubble?

As people continue to purchase cryptocurrencies and seek to diversify their investment portfolio, NFTs, non-fungible tokens are also getting asset-class credibility. Indians are warming up to the new digital asset, offering collaborators and creators a new platform to earn better revenue and make more value for their work. NFTs allow...

Team Rucha Joshi

Is There Still Hope For Cryptocurrency in India?

Today, when technological advancements occur exponentially, the fintech sector has found itself at the vanguard, from online stock trading platforms and mobile banking to unequivocally the most coveted one, cryptocurrency. The popularity of cryptocurrencies such as ethereum Bitcoin has considerably increased in the recent past worldwide and in India. According...

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