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Shreya Kumari

Monkey Pox – Another endemic?

The world was having a sigh of relief after having vaccinated a majority of the population. The leaders felt it would act as a guard against the new spread through a decent level of herd immunity. And they were right in assuming so! Until we found that there is another...

Shreya Kumari

Government allows work from home in Special Zones!

Work from home became the norm during covid as a measure to manage the spread. Most employees were managing all their office – work from home and quite enjoyed that. Getting some “Me time” and “Family time” were the reasons for a satisfying work life. Not to trivialize the devastating impact...

Shreya Kumari

The New Omicron variant – Here’s what you need to know!

Like the never-ending sequels to the famous movies, more thrilling and bigger each time, Covid is coming up with variations strong enough to leave you with a feeling of angst and surprise. No sooner than we started sighing in relief that we saw the ominous variant multiplying in spikes of...

Shreya Kumari

What is happening in Sri Lanka? 

A country with a GDP five times India’s is now tethering on the edges even to meet basic needs. So, what made a country exemplary in health and education with near European levels fall this bad like never before? [1] We are here to discuss the Sri Lanka crisis....

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