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Latest news

Niti Aayog floats Digital Banks

  Niti Aayog has proposed setting up full-stack digital banks that rely on the Internet and other proximate channels to...
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Swiggy allows Work From home

Joining the list of startups Mesho, Spinny, Zerodha, and Swiggy allows most of its employees to work from home. The...

Can A.I. cure Cancer? 

When we hear the word "terminal disease," the one that tops the list is Cancer. A second leading cause...

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New Year, Entrepreneurship, and Tips to Start a New Business

India is among the world's largest entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide...

From Super App to 5G; Reliance Jio Set to Give Sleepless Nights to its Rivals?

After scooping funds via several rounds from foreign investors...
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SET Exam 2020 – Everything you need to know before you appear

Article Index: Symbiosis SET Exam 2020 - Eligibility SET...

EkAnek Network Secures 40 Crore INR Series A1 Funds

On Monday, EkAnek Network (1), a Delhi-based firm, announced...