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Technology and Startup India News Amid Coronavirus Lockdown – 3rd April

Amid the Coronavirus lockdown, we bring to you the latest news from the world of technology and Startup India for 3rd April 2
Amid the Coronavirus lockdown, we bring to you the latest news from the world of technology and Startup India for 3rd April 2020.

Disney’s Streaming Service Has Made its Debut in India – Subscription at just $20 per annum


One of the biggest streaming platforms, Disney+, owned by Disney, has made its biggest debut in India. Now, Disney+ is available to all the people living in India. It has combined with Hotstar, and you can access Disney+ through Hotstar.

The annual subscription fee to avail Disney+ is just ₹1499. As India constitutes one of the top countries which has the most number of Subscribers, Disney+ has made it cheaper to get more subscribers, unlike in other countries where it is way expensive. The subscribers can watch all of the Disney originals through Hotstar in English and many other regional languages. But, unfortunately, as it has just started, 4K quality features won’t be available for the users, and the maximum quality goes up to 1080p.

Check out the platform here.

Tech Giant Google has Decided to Close its Q&A Neighbourly App in India

Neighbourly App

One of the world’s largest tech and search engine companies, Google, has decided to its recently released Neighbourly App, which was primarily released in Mumbai. This app was mainly focused on giving the community answers to daily routines, life, and much more essential information.

This was solely a community-based app that also depended on the people to ask the questions and answer it. But, unfortunately, Google disclosed in a meeting which stated that, due to substantial urban migration, busy lives led by the people and their insecurities, the number of answers in Neighbourly was reduced drastically. The app was even released in other main cities like Bangalore and Chennai later on. But, also though the app answered nearly a million answers, Google was not satisfied by the result. Hence, the decision to close the app came to light. As per the latest news, the app will be available until May 12th, but the users will have another six months to download all the essential information.

Amazon India Pantry Starts Delivering Essential Items During the Lockdown

amazon india

The famous delivery company, Amazon, has started delivering essential items like rice, wheat, etc. through Amazon Pantry in approximately 100 cities of India.

The head of Amazon India, Amit Agarwal, has disclosed in an interview that he is doing the best he can by maintaining Amazon during these drastic times. Other nonessential items supplied by small-time traders are currently stopped in Amazon, and they are only focusing on complete essentials. When asked ‘Have you been working with the government to go through this tough time?’Amit Agarwal replied that he was giving his best, and the talks with the government were already successful. Delivery companies are now very essential to society as people can avoid coming out, and they get everything on their doorstep.

Firstly, the workers in Amazon should be briefed about the protocols released by the World Health Organisation to prevent the further spread of Coronavirus.

Finally, Amit Agarwal ended the meeting by stating that they are trying their best to deliver, and society should cooperate if something goes wrong.