TimesNext Gang: Startup Accelerator Program 2020, We are Funding 25 Startups

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Do you have an innovative early-stage startup in the ideation or conception phase? Are you looking for potential accelerators and investors to help boost your operations by pumping in funding in your business? 

We present the TimesNext Startup Accelerator Program 2020, under which, we will be disseminating over Rs 10,000,000 in up to 25 startups across the country. If you believe your startup can bring a revolution in the market and has the power to be the next big thing, apply for the TimesNext’s Startup Accelerator Program today!


What is the TimesNext Startup Accelerator Program 2020?

The TimesNext Startup Accelerator Program is our effort to providing young and innovative startups with the funding to help startups multiply and expand their growth without any monetary hindrances. We strive to support innovative early-stage startups in India by providing them with the right capital needs to kickstart their journey.

Under the TimesNext Startup Accelerator Program, the platform will be pumping in a total of Rs 1 crore into innovative new startups in the following manner:

  • Grab the opportunity to gain Rs 4 lacs to Rs 10 lacs as the startup funding.
  • A maximum of 25 startups can be included as the selection teams for the Accelerator Program.
  • The shortlisted startups will go through a rigorous screening process.
  • We’ll be looking for a 10-25% stake in the startup.


Who can participate in TimesNext Startup Accelerator Program 2020?

The Timesnext Startup Accelerator Program 2020 is open for all early-stage startups in their ideation or conception phase who are looking for seed funding or venture capital from potential investors. 

You can check if you fulfill the criteria given below to be a part of the TimesNext Startup Accelerator Program:

  • You are in the initial stages of your startup or are yet to begin your operations.
  • You believe that your startup has high growth potential if provided with the right monetary resources.
  • You have a small yet dedicated team of talented members.


Join the TimesNext Gang

TimesNext Startup Accelerator Program is the ultimate answer to all your venture capital funding and angel investors India queries. Get ready and prepare your proficient pitch to bag the prestigious spot in our TimesNext Gang of the top innovative and inventive startups of the year 2020 in India. 

We recognize the efforts you’ve put into building your startup dream and aim to be your helping hand in the industry by providing you with the right financial support. Participate in the TimesNext Startup Accelerator Program 2020 and give your entrepreneurial dreams a killer launch!

Apply here -> https://tmn.typeform.com/to/K5Yw59

For doubts, you can get in touch with Nimika Jaggi at [email protected]

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