TNMachi 2020: Download and Watch HD Movies For Free

This article highlights the details, advantages, and other aspects of TNMachi - A website that lets you download and watch HD movies online free of cost.


  1. Introduction
  2. About TNMachi
  3. How does TNMachi work?
  4. Design and UI of TNMachi
  5. Hot to download movies?
  6. Advantages and benefits
  7. Legality and accessibility



We all know that the whole of India loves watching Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Some book the tickets legally and watch it in their near theatres, while others wait for it to be released on an official movie streaming platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. But, not everyone can afford these as the streaming platforms are quite expensive. To overcome this hurdle, many illegal websites pirated movies for free and started uploading it for the users to stream or download. One such site is the TNMachi.

TNMachi website offers you all the latest and popular movies ranging from different genres and languages. Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into TNMachi and learn about it, and it’s the origin.


About TNMachi

TNMachi considered one of the most popular streaming websites of 2020. This is not at all a coincidence. TNMachi continues to upload amazing content and popular movies as soon as it hits the screens. All the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies released on TNMachi within a week of its release. Besides this, TNMachi emphasizes on Tamil movies also.

TNMachi was initially releasing Tamil films, and gradually, started releasing movies of other genres and languages. Another plus point of the TNMachi 2020 website is that the users can choose whether to stream a movie or download it and watch it later. The download feature is unique, as most of the illegal movie streaming websites do not have that. Furthermore, to sweeten the deal, TNMachi provides a full HD feature while downloading a movie. This gives you the top quality content for absolutely no cost. 


History of TNMachi

TNMachi started a few years back. As mentioned above, TNMachi initially just-released Tamil movies. Eventually, as the website started getting more traffic, the owners of TNMachi started releasing Hollywood and Bollywood movies. The site gained much more popularity by doing this.


How does TNMachi work? 

TNMachi is just like any other pirated and illegal video streaming website. The owners of TNMachi upload content regularly. This further results in an increase in users. And as we know, more the traffic, more the money. The owner gets a percentage of commission when any ads placed on the website of TNMachi. But, no matter what, TNMachi is just like another illegal website. This means that the Anti Piracy Division team always are on the search for the owners. In the past, TNMachi was blocked and restricted by the Anti Piracy Division. Nevertheless, the website is still up and running as the founders started using a different domain name to run it. 


Design and UI of TNMachi

The User Interface of TNMachi is straightforward and user-friendly. The information on the content uploaded mentioned on the homepage. At the top of the website, a navigation bar included selecting their preferred genres and languages. A list of all the popular movies also mentioned on the site.


How to download from TNMachi? 

Downloading movies from TNMachi is a walk in the park. The website has made it a hundred times more comfortable for the user to download content and films from the site. Here are the steps to download movies from TNMachi:

  • A search bar will be shown at the top of the page after you reach out to the website. 
  • Search the desired movie and click on ‘Enter.’ 
  • After locating your desired movie, you will find a download button below the film. 
  • Click on the download button and enter the quality (360p-1080p) you desire.
  • Voila! You can now enjoy the movie!


Advantages and benefits:

TNMachi has its perks too. Unlike many other illegal pirated websites, TNMachi is very different and unique. Now, let’s learn the benefits and advantages of TNMachi over other unlawful streaming sites. 

  • Firstly, TNMachi does not ask any personal credentials from the users. Unlike other sites, TNMachi does not make it mandatory for users to enter their credentials before accessing. This creates a more secure environment for the users as the black hat hackers won’t get their hands on the user’s credentials. 
  • TNMachi allows downloading of contents from the website for absolutely no cost. The quality of the downloaded content is ranged from 360p to 1080p. This means that the user has the freedom to download any movie on the website in a full HD quality. Too good to believe, right? This was one of the main reasons why the site gained popularity throughout the years. 
  • The owners of the site divide the content of the site regularly. This means that users can easily choose movies from genres like Sci-fi, Horror, Mystery, Romance, and many more. 
  • There is a vast collection of movies in TNMachi. The user can choose films from many languages like Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, English, and many more.


Legality and accessibility

As we know, TNMachi is illegal in India. This is because it is an unlawful torrent website that indulges in piracy activities like leaking movies on the net even before public release. Hence, the Anti Piracy Division of India banned the further use of such websites. But, the founders still run the website by updating the domain names regularly. By doing this, the Anti Piracy Division can’t catch the owners without getting any hard proof.

Now, it is advised that any user must refrain from entering such websites. It is because even entering and viewing or downloading the content from illegal websites are also considered as illegal. Hence, if the Anti Piracy Division catches the user, they will be charged a hefty fine and even jail time if the extent of crime is more significant. 

Another reason as to why a user must refrain from entering these websites is that many black hat hackers would be waiting for a user to join these websites. Once a user opens the site, all of their data and information is accessible. 

Its always recommended using legal alternatives such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, SonyLiv (1), and ErosNow (2).

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Pratap is an avid reader and he wishes to give back the community something in return. He is currently pursuing Engineering in the field of Computer Science in Bengaluru. He has a genuine passion for writing and spreading it to everyone. He has a thirst for knowledge and always seeking it out and aiming to be a better version of himself.

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Pratap Simha
Pratap Simha
Pratap is an avid reader and he wishes to give back the community something in return. He is currently pursuing Engineering in the field of Computer Science in Bengaluru. He has a genuine passion for writing and spreading it to everyone. He has a thirst for knowledge and always seeking it out and aiming to be a better version of himself.

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