Top 30 Telugu Dubbed Movies (2020 Update)

In this article, we have covered the top 30 Telugu Dubbed Movies one can watch for an enigmatic experience.



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South Indian movies have come a really long way in terms of its competition with Bollywood. Currently, it is delivering some of its best films, which people are eager to watch into the dubbed versions. Some south Indian movie has broken the records of all times, and names are endless. Telugu movies are trending nowadays and a lot of movies are dubbed especially in Telugu especially for the audience of Andra Pradesh and Telangana. Let’s take a look at some of the best Telugu dubbed movies.


Top 30 Telugu Dubbed Movies

1. Bahubali: The Beginning (Telugu Dubbed)

Telugu Dubbed Movies

This movie had an enormous impact on Bollywood with its direction and plot being at the top. The plot revolves around the province of Mahismathi, where a couple saves a drowning baby, who grows up to be a carefree challenge seeker. He is curious to explore the world and encounters mountains. In this process, he gets to know the real roots of his identity and starts a new journey to save his mother and the kingdom. This tops the list of top Telugu dubbed movies.


2. Bahubali 2 (Telugu Dubbed)

Telugu Dubbed Movies

This movie starts from where the last one concluded. The famous question is, “Why Katappa killed Baahubali?” When Shiva, the son of Bahubali, gets to know about his heritage, he begins to seek answers. The movie majorly focuses on flashbacks. It portrays the past events which happened in the Mahishmati Kingdom.


3. Chandramukhi

Telugu Dubbed Movies

The lead couple, Senthil and Ganga, marry against the wishes of their families and decide to move into a new house along with the family. Soon after this, they start encountering strange things happening in there, and Dr. Saravanan comes for their rescue and to exorcise the spirit.


4. Arundhati

Telugu Dubbed Movies

Arundhati, who is the descendant of the Gadwal ruling dynasty, comes to visit the fort of Gadwal a few days before her marriage to Rahul. An unknown force pulls her towards a fort where an evil spirit is lying locked. After this, the evil gets lose, and Arundhati is forced to fight the spirit again, much like her great grandfather did years before. Arundhati is a part of the list of top Telugu dubbed movies.


5. Shivaji

A software engineer, Sivaji returns to India to serve the nation and invest his knowledge and wealth in the nation’s welfare from the US. Few corrupt politicians and officials put all their force to stop him and completely destroy all his wealth and family. The way he overcomes all these obstacles are put in an interesting way in the movie.


6. Magadheera (Telugu Dubbed)

In 1609 AD, Mitravinda, a princess, and Kala Bhairava, the warrior whom she loved, die a fatal death together. Four hundred years later, the warrior is reincarnated and born as Harsha, a motorcycle stuntman. What destiny hold for Harsha is more than just suspense. This movie is definitely a part of the list of top Telugu dubbed movies


7. Enthiran

Dr. Vasigaran, a scientist, specialized in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence invents a robot with artificial intelligence that looks like a human being and names it Chitti. The robot is very versatile with the intellect of many human beings. Vasigaran introduces Chitti to the social environment intending to help humankind, which leads to some interesting series of events, thereby adding to the plot.


8. Arya

Telugu Dubbed Movies

Arya, a happy go, lucky man who falls deeply in love with Geeta and proposes her in front of her boyfriend. But she does not reciprocate his feelings and is in love with Ajay. Will Ajay step back or try to win her? is a big question.


9. Temper (Telugu Dubbed)

Telugu Dubbed Movies

Daya, as a kid, takes inspiration from a corrupt and rampant cop and, thus, grows up to become one. Soon, love brews between him and Shanvi, and everything changes for him. Daya transforms to become a different man. Temper is a part of the list of top Telugu dubbed movies


10. Kaidi No. 1

Farmers in Shankar’s village in Anantpur district fight a corporate company against the acquisition of farmlands. Shankar supports them and aims to settle this matter legally. Kaththi Seenu, a prisoner who looks like Shankar, escapes from jail and meets him when some rowdy tries to attack Shankar. Kaththi decides to impersonate Shankar so that he can escape from the police. This movie comes under the list of best Telugu dubbed movies.


11. Businessman

Telugu Dubbed Movies

Surya is a ruthless man from South India who comes to Mumbai on a mission to rule out the Mumbai mafia but ends up falling in love with Chitra, the daughter of a Police Commissioner.


12. Jai Lava Kusa

Telugu Dubbed Movies

This movie revolves around the identical triplets. They get separated at a very young age, and with time, they meet again with different personalities and paths. How they reunite forms the main plot of the movie.


13. Mirchi

Telugu Dubbed Movies

Jai, an architect from Italy, meets Manasa and tries to woo her. She is the daughter of a dreaded factionist. Jai befriends her brother and, thus, moves into their house. The movie waves through many interesting phases from here and is in our list of the best Telugu dubbed movies.


14. Nene Raju Nene Mantri

Telugu Dubbed Movies

This is the story of a man who is living happily with his wife in a village. The village sarpanch’s wife once stops this man’s wife from lightening lamps on the stairs of a temple as she thinks only sarpanch’s wife can light them. This passionates the man to become the sarpanch of the village.


15. Eega

A murdered man is reincarnated and born again as a housefly, and to avenges his death. His girlfriend helps him in all possible ways. The man they are against is no simple man but a monster. Eega surely deserves to be a part of the top Telugu dubbed movies list.


16. Ramayya Vastavayya

Telugu Dubbed Movies

Nandu, a jolly good guy, falls in love with Akarsha. Later Akarsha realizes that Nandu used her as a bait to take personal revenge on someone close to her, and this hurts her. How this love story takes a twist is commendable.


17. Baadshah

Sadhu Bhai is a don living abroad who uses his power to create chaos in India. Baadshah comes as Sadhu’s rivalry and creates trouble for him and his businesses. Baadshah meets Janaki and wins her love. This movie is one of the best Telugu dubbed movies of all time.


18. Julayi

Telugu Dubbed Movies

Ravi, aka Bunny, is a middle student who takes a part-time job at a pizza shop and becomes a key witness for a bank robbery by Bittu and his gang. Bunny gets Bittu and is then sent to Hyderabad to stay with ACP Sitarama, where he meets Madhu. Bittu escapes from prison to revenge Bunny.


19. Mr. Perfect (Telugu Dubbed)

Telugu Dubbed Movies

Vicky is an IT employee living in Australia, and is a man of certain principles; one among them is perfection. Vicky visits India for his sister’s marriage and meets Priya. While their parents want them to get married, Vicky is not interested. Once back to Australia, he meets Maggi. Priya is still thinking about Vicky, and this love triangle takes many twists.


20. Brindavanam

Telugu Dubbed Movies

Krish, the only son of a millionaire industrialist, is in love with Indu. Indu’s friend, Bhoomi’s father, forces him to get into wedlock. Bhoomi has no interest in her father’s proposal. Thus, Indu decides to help Bhoomi and asks Krish to act as Bhoomi’s boyfriend in front of her father.


21. Vivegam (Telugu Dubbed)

Telugu Dubbed Movies

This is a story of a brave Indian Interpol Officer. While in search of a profile gangster, he goes to Malaysia. Whether he is succeeding in catching that gangster or not, it makes the plot full of suspicion. Vivegam is one of the top Telugu dubbed movies.


22. Vedam

Telugu Dubbed Movies

Five different people from five different professions get together when a terrorist threat looms over their city and face it fearlessly.


23. Athadu

A corrupt politician plans his accident to gain votes from the public. However, before his hired gunman could cause an accident, some anonymous man pulls the trigger. Thus, the politician dies on the spot, and that gunman is sentenced for murder. Soon he meets Pardhu, who dies in a crossfire meant for him. He assumes Pardhu’s identity to save himself.


24. Mass

Telugu Dubbed Movies

Satya and Shatru, two dreaded gangsters, happen to kill anyone who comes in their way. Priya, who is living with her family in the same city, falls in love with Ganesh. But he falls for Satya’s daughter. Shatru receives a phone call from Mass, who claims to frighten, humiliate, and then kill him within the next 30 days. All their lives get interlinked and form the rest of the story.


25. Anniyan

A devout and meek Iyengar and lawyer and an undertaker go out against the bad elements of the society with his gruesome murders, Ramanujam makes each kill a very artistic one and is inspired by the Garuda Puranam. His idea is that suck a murder who then will reverberate with shock. Anniyan is a part of the list of top Telugu dubbed movies.


26. Oopiri (Telugu Dubbed)

Telugu Dubbed Movies

Seenu impresses a millionaire Vikram with his carefree attitude towards life and appoints him as his caretaker. From then on, the plot depicts the beautiful bond shared between the two.


27. Dookudu

Telugu Dubbed Movies

Shankar, a politician, lands in a coma for years, and his son, grows up to become a very respectable cop. Years later, when Shankar gets back to life to save him from another attack, his son recreates the environment his father would expect while hunting his father’s enemies.


28. Kochadaiiyaan (Telugu Dubbed)

Kochadaiiyaan was an able king, and thus his citizens were happy. On a fateful day, one of the king’s closest friends plots against him and acquires his kingdom. The king is blessed with a baby boy, Rana, who grows up to become a great warrior. This hi-tech 3D film with great performance capturing technology is surely one of the best Telugu dubbed movies.


29. 1 Nenokkadine

Gautham, a rock star, is suffering from a mental disorder, which makes him lose his grip over reality. He is convinced that his parents were murdered by three men, and his only goal is revenge. Are his parents dead? is a big question that is resolved through the plot.


30. Arjun Reddy (Telugu Dubbed)

Arjun Reddy Deshmukh, a young surgeon with alcoholism and a furious temper spirals into self-destruction as he learns that his girlfriend is marrying another man. But soon gets out of that spiral and makes a loving husband. This movie has been dubbed in Bollywood blockbuster Kabir Singh and rates on top in the list Telugu dubbed movies.


31. Premalo Padithe

Telugu Dubbed movies

Venu (Sri) is a worker at a street-side food shop, who falls in love with Jothi (Urmila), who is a maid at Arthi (Manisha) ‘s house. Meanwhile, Nitesh (Mithun), the school-going son of a minister’s concubine, tries hard to charm Arthi. What will happen when Arthi would come to know of his motive, and how will this affect the lives of Venu and Jothi?


32. Mallesham

Telugu Dubbed movies

Mallesham is the biopic of Padma Shri awardee Chintakindi Mallesham, which shows how he succeeded at completing the famous Asu machine, and the journey of many a Pochampally handloom weaver of Telangana who is severely deprived due to lack of livelihood from their art. The protagonist and villagers face numerous hardships, but the film never lets the audience lose hope and keeps their confidence by finding solutions plus searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.


33. Jersey

Best Telugu Dubbed movies

To call Jersey just the story of an ex-cricketer Arjun (Nani) who fights to get selected in the Indian cricket team is a grave injustice to the film, even if that is how it sums itself up. It is also the story of the love of his life Sarah (Shraddha Srinath), who struggles to stay in love with the man he has become. It is also the story of assistant coach Murthy (Sathyaraj) who sticks by an orphan through thick and thin, even at his most irrational best, in the hope that he will be able to aid him in achieving his dream someday. It is the story of a father who is so enamored with his son Nani (Ronit Kamra) that he would do anything not to get him the birthday gift he always wanted.


34. Awe!

Radha (Eesha Rebba) and her partner Krishnaveni (Nithya Menen) are a couple trying to convince the former’s parents to give their blessings to the union. Nala (Priyadarshi) is a man who’s down on luck and pretending to be a chef so he can gain some meaningful employment. He befriends a goldfish named Nani (Nani) and a bonsai tree named Chanti (Ravi Teja) in the kitchen. Shiva (Srinivas Avasarala) is a watchman who wants to be a scientist and invent the time machine, while Parvathy (Devadarshini) claims he and she are two sides to the same person. Moksha is a little kid working at her mother’s restaurant and engaged in a cold war with an egoistic magician Yogi (Murli Sharma). Meera (Regina Cassandra) is a waitress and drug addict, gearing up to loot a rich man with her boyfriend. And last but not least, Kali (Kajal Aggarwal) is a troubled woman who decides to kill herself and commit mass murder on her birthday. What’s the connecting link between all these characters forms the crux of this original tale.


35. Dhruva 

Telugu Dubbed movies

The film opens with a young Siddharth Abhimanyu (who grows up to be Arvind Swamy) who goes to jail for a crime he didn’t commit so that his father (Posani) could get an MLA ticket in return. Cut to the present when Dhruva (Ram Charan), an IPS trainee, is introduced as a do-gooder despite bending a few rules with his friends to solve petty crimes. Dhruva lives by the philosophy that “your enemy decides your capacity,” and he aims to choose an enemy who has the power to control “a 100 criminals”. Siddharth Abhimanyu, who is now a scientist, a Padma Shri awardee, son of the health minister, a kingmaker, and the brain behind several crimes, turns into Dhruva’s target as a result. Thus begins the battle of wits between the two geniuses.

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Pranjali is currently pursuing Literature with Psychology for my graduation from the University of Delhi, She has an admiration for writing and therefore wishes to bring it to the professional use. Writing of any type interests her thereby, adding sensitivity to the words in her life.

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