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Apple’s New Venture: On its Way Towards an Icon for AI

Apple joins tech giants in designing non-figurative, user-friendly AI icons, reflecting AI’s vast potential and current consumer understanding.

Photo by Keming Tan / Unsplash

Visualizing the Invisible 

Apple has stepped into the arena with other tech leaders to tackle a unique challenge: designing an icon that represents artificial intelligence (AI). This task is tricky because AI, while powerful, doesn’t have a physical form. The goal is to create a symbol that feels safe and simple but doesn’t look like a person or an object. This avoids old stereotypes like robots, which seem too mechanical, or magic wands, which are too fanciful.

Apple’s Design: Open to Interpretation 

Apple’s design for its AI feature, named Apple Intelligence, is a circle with seven loops. It’s not clear what it represents – maybe an infinity sign or a glow showing Siri is ready to help. This reflects how AI is still something new and not fully understood by everyone. Apple wants to show that Siri, powered by Apple Intelligence, is there to assist you in new ways.

The Meaning Behind AI Symbols 

The symbols for AI are more than just pictures; they express the ideas and goals that companies have for their AI tools. For example, OpenAI uses a simple black dot to suggest that their AI is open-ended and full of possibilities, rather than being just about quick answers or creative ideas. This shows how companies are careful not to limit what people think AI can do. They prefer to focus on its potential to eventually do anything with enough work and computer power.

In short, as AI grows and becomes a bigger part of our lives, finding the right way to show it in apps and devices will keep being an interesting challenge. Apple’s varied approach shows how complex this task is – it’s about design, ideas, marketing, and what people think.