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V Resorts: A Woman Entrepreneur’s Journey Towards Changing the Face of Tourism in India

V Resorts Founder- Aditi Balbir
V Resorts Founder- Aditi Balbir

Travelling is something that adds more joy and flavour to life. We are not meant to spend our entire lives in just one place. By going on a vacation, you not only get to see a new setting but also experience the culture, cuisine and lifestyle of that particular region. You will also meet more people, make new friends and have adventures to cherish for a lifetime. It gives you a break from the dull, monotonous life and offers something that you can look forward to. Even if that is the case, we often stress out about the means of transport, accommodation and planning the whole journey. This is where a travel agent can become a saviour for you. With the help of a reliable agency, you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest, leaving all the distress to them. V Resorts is an Indian travel solutions company that hopes to provide maximum comfort and relaxation for those who aspire to explore the world.

V Resorts (1) helps travellers experience the smallest details about the place they are visiting, thus making the tour even more fulfilling. What makes V Resorts different from the rest of the travel agents in our country is that you get to choose the ‘road not taken’ with them. They continuously strive to bring you new destinations and in the process, tries to discover the hidden beauty of India. By introducing new tourist spots, fresh activities and exciting culture, V Resorts have the potential to change the face of tourism in India.

V Resorts was founded by Aditi Balbir in 2014 with the vision to provide unique travel experiences. As of now, the company has around 150 properties across 17 states in India, and the headquarters is situated in Noida. The prominent services of V Resorts consist of, but is not limited to, V Canvas, curated artworks that are aesthetically pleasing and gives a glance into the works of the company, Spice Walk, a collection of fine dines that promote the regional and indigenous cuisines, Pitara, an assortment of items created by the local communities etc. They also offer a spa and massage scheme named V Indulge and exclusive infotainment and fun activities service named V Unwind.

V Resorts: The Vision

V Resorts Sattal - Nainital
V Resorts Sattal – Nainital

While most travel agencies focus on the mainstream tourist destinations and activities, V Resorts strives to develop the indigenous communities of India by finding more remote locations for their resorts. They often find a new place, launch a resort there and collaborate with the local economy. V Resorts establish a tie-up with the local vendors and assign workers from the nearby areas. Adequate support is given to their local trade through schemes like Pitara. The tourists are not only given a taste of the regional cuisine, but they also get to understand their lifestyle, culture, traditions etc. The travellers can enjoy the arts and crafts that invoke a pride for our diversity in societies.

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Tourism can play a significant role in empowering such societies by educating them and providing jobs. It also acts as a platform to develop and showcase their cultural skills. The vision of V Resorts works by the government’s policy of promoting tourism in the country. While helping the minorities, this also provides a more fulfilling experience for the travellers. They are given the opportunity to wholly understand and appreciate the most local communities in India. V Resorts also adopt environmentally sustainable resources in their venture. They provide particular care to the conservation of water and the use of technologies like solar systems.

The Founder and the Team

V Resorts Founder- Aditi Balbir (1)
V Resorts Founder- Aditi Balbir

The Founder and CEO of V Resorts, Aditi Balbir (2) is an alumnus of Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. She had a prosperous past, working with companies like McKinsey and Baring Equity for almost ten years. Aditi succeeded well in the world of business. She loved to travel and explore new places, and it is this passion which led her to contribute something to the tourism sector. She had been carrying out a study for Bedrock Ventures when the idea of V Resorts dawned upon her. Within a short span of time, she formulated the business model and established the services of V Resorts.

Aditi is an independent businesswoman who loves to mentor others into a successful career in finance just like her. She guides and assists women entrepreneurs who have bright ideas. Aditi is also a member of the panel at Dell Women’s

Entrepreneur Network and the Cherie Blair Foundation. Other than travelling, Aditi often finds herself creating magic with her pen. She has a keen interest in writing and has a tone of humour and wisdom. She also has a unique dressing style which adds to her aura. Aditi makes an incredible boss who creates a friendly working environment for her employees.

The strength of V Resorts lies in the determination of the employees behind it. They have a team of more than 100 professionals who strive every day to improve the business strategies of the enterprise. When all their varying talents and skills come together, V Resorts is sure to be on the right track. Instead of creating a hierarchy, the team is given the space to mingle among each other effortlessly.

They have the freedom to openly express their ideas which can contribute heavily to the working of V Resorts. All the employees are graduates from top institutes in and outside India. The team is divided into different groups for sales, content, technology, training, marketing, operations etc. They only choose highly experienced connoisseurs for various services in their resorts.

Funding and Investments received by V Resorts

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When V Resorts was founded in 2012, they were operating under Bliss Inn, another firm located in New Delhi. In 2015, SeedFund made a seed round of investment worth two million dollars which helped to widen the reach of the company. Later in June 2017, they conducted a follow on the round of funding in which RB International participated and helped to raise another two million dollars. They conducted a Series A round of Funding in April 2019, which was able to raise an amount of 10 million dollars. This round saw participation from Bedrock Ventures and RB Capital.