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Vision 11: The Rise Of Casual Gaming App

Vision 11 is a "Game of Skill" which can be described as a game wherein the skills of the individuals experiencing any online fantasy sports gaming play a dominant role instead of the mere luck of the individuals.

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Vision11 is a "Game of Skill" which can be described as a game wherein the skills of the individuals experiencing any online fantasy sports gaming play a dominant role instead of the mere luck of the individuals. The people in the game of skills use their knowledge, skills, training, and attention for participation and winning.

Vision 11 Fantasy Sports Platform

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Vision11 is a Fantasy Sports platform based in India, with a rapidly growing user base and increasing popularity.

There are seven fantasy games open in the Vision 11 Fantasy Gaming App:

  • Basketball
  • Kabaddi
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Handball
  • Cricket

You can recreate all these games to make genuine money and immediately withdraw your earnings in your bank account or Paytm wallet.

Online fantasy sports gaming is considered a legal practice in many countries, with certain states being an exception. Online fantasy sports gaming is considered a Game of Skills in many parts of the country, wherein the users form their teams and are assigned points based on the on-field performance of their chosen players.

Vision11 is legal as it offers services and contests linked to fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy kabaddi, fantasy volleyball, basketball & fantasy hockey. The services, contests, and programs related to online fantasy sports gaming offered by Vision11 enable its users to make their team before the match begins. Then the teams are awarded points based on the real-life performance of the players selected by the users in the team.

The Team

The extended serving directors on the board are Parth Rakeshbhai Raval (1) and Rakesh Kumar Rawal, appointed on 07 July 2021.

Parth Rakeshbhai Raval has the biggest number of other directorships with a seat at a total of 1 company. The group is connected to 0 other companies through its directors. (2)

The individual whose team scores the most elevated aggregate of points is declared the winner. The team formation by the users of Vision11 depends entirely on the user's skills, knowledge, and attention, making online fantasy sports gaming offered at Vision11 a game of skills and is currently considered legal.

What Is Fantasy Cricket?

Cricket is a really important sport in India. It's a religion. From Tests to T20s, you can enter contests for all formats of international cricket on Vision11. Separated from ICC matches and tournaments, users can also play online cricket games from various cricket associations like the IPL - observed and played worldwide.

But how does one enter and play a fantasy cricket match on Vision11? All you need to do is register utilizing your email address and mobile number. Connecting your Google or Facebook account is an even faster way to sign up. The game comes with a set of regulations that are put in place to ensure. (3)

Availability Of Vision 11 Across India

The game skills such as online fantasy sports gaming are supposed to be legal all over India. Expect specific states such as Sikkim, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland, and Andhra Pradesh. The Public Gambling Act 1867 is the prior legality driving the majority of gambling in India.

The PGA is the act of "public gambling," and keeping a common gaming house is a criminal and punishable act in India. However, online fantasy sports gaming is considered an exception under the PGA, wherein the provisions and punishments of PGA shall not apply to games played by users operating their skills and knowledge as primary tools.

There are different states in India wherein the laws related to the game of skills are unclear. In this regard, for the websites showing online fantasy sports gaming, it remains unclear whether to offer the services for free or not. The Indian states with no clearance regarding offering pay-to-play contests include Sikkim, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland, and Andhra Pradesh.

In this context, Vision11 does not permit the users identified as the residents of Sikkim, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland, and Andhra Pradesh to participate in the pay-to-play contest(s) organized by Vision11.

Their Mission

They ensure you evolve a part of the game you love and get an opportunity to win real cash and some more awesome rewards. So gear up as they take you to a world of 'fantasies' where you play alongside the game stars. They offer a safe and secure platform to enjoy fantasy sports at your leisure.

Some advantages of playing At Vision 11?

1)  Free giveaways and the leaderboard to win free money.

2) ₹300 on new Sign up. You can refer and earn ₹100 and a 20% commission lifetime.

3) Vision 11 entry fees are very lower.

4) Trusted App (Harshal Patel and Kieron Pollard are brand ambassadors)

According to the Vision11 website (4), it is legal in some parts of the country and does not engage in any unlawful or gambling activity defined by Indian law. The law stipulates that any game of chance and skill cannot be played for real money in the five states of Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Telangana. As a result, citizens of these five states cannot play fantasy games for real money. However, users are always at risk of losing money while playing online fantasy sports games. Anyone apart from the restricted states may join and begin playing games.

Features Of Vision 11 Fantasy App

  • Instant Withdrawal: Vision11 fantasy app permits you to withdraw your earnings to your bank account. To take a withdrawal, you must complete the Rs 100 minimum point.
  • Various Fantasy Games: It permits users to play seven fantasy games with the lowest merger fees. Also, users can play household and international leagues efficiently in this app.
  • Earn From Referrals: Vision11 delivers a refer & earn approach Where users can also earn money by adding new members using their referral code. If you share your referral code and individual downloads the Vission11 app and uses your referral code during documenting in this app, then you get Rs 100 as a referral bonus and 20% empowerment lifetime, and your referral gets Rs 300 as a sign-up reward.
  • Easy To Use: The user interface of the Vision 11 fantasy application is very uncomplicated to comprehend, and anyone can join the contest without trouble.

How To Download Vision 11 apk

1) Open the vision 11 website link (3), Click on the vision 11 app download, and it will start the vision 11 apk download.

2) After that, open the downloaded apk and click on install vision 11 apk.

3) Now, Login or register with Facebook, Gmail, or your phone number.

4) To receive an Rs.100 welcome bonus, enter the referral code: GET500.

5) In the app, create your team.

6) Participate in the leagues.

7) Make money.

Remember to read the guidelines along with the term & conditions to have a better understanding of the in-game rules before beginning your vision 11 download.

How to Register and Login

1) When you go to the Website, you have two options Android or IOS; click on Android’s link.

2) Then press "Join Now," provide your cellphone number, valid email address, and password,

3) Now click "Register." For verification, you'll get an OTP through SMS.

4) You can also enter using your Facebook account. You can begin playing after the verification is complete.

How to complete KYC in the Vision 11 App?

As you must know that you cannot withdraw money in any Fantasy app without KYC, which is why KYC is very important. So here's how you can do KYC:

  • To do KYC, first, open the Vision 11 app.
  • Now you see the option of "MORE" in the lower right corner; you have to click on it.
  • On clicking "MORE," a new interface will open in front of you; in this, you have to click on "VERIFY ACCOUNT."
  • You must verify your email, PAN card, and bank account.
  • In this way, you can do the KYC very easily.

How To Deposit On The Vision 11 Application?

Depositing cash on the Vision11 App is quite easy. If you are new, we will help you. Just follow the subsequent steps!

Step 1: Start the Vision 11 App.

Step 2: Select the invoice option on your profile

Step 3: Add the payment of cash that you want to add to your Vision 11 account

Step 4: Commune on the payment option. You can select the Debit/Credit card, Paytm, UPI, Net banking, and wallet options.

You will observe these steps; the money will be credited to your Vision11 account safely!

How does Refer and Earn Work?

To get a referral reward, you need to:

01. Refer your mates by transferring your referral code to install the app.

02. They are required to sign-up, verify their phone & email, and add min ₹50 to their account.

03. Once they have done with the first stake and verification, you will get ₹100 + 20% grant lifetime, and your friend will get ₹300.

Vision 11 Referral Code

Using the Vision11 referral code ( CRICGRAM ), you get Rs.300 as a sign-up reward (5). You should download the Vision11 fantasy App and make a new account using my referral code to get a referral bonus.

To see your referral code, you need to follow some actions:

  • Open Vision11 fantasy gaming application on your smartphone.
  • Then, Connect on the More button on the bottom menu.
  • Now, Click on the Refer & Earn alternative.
  • After that, you can see the Vision11 referral code.
  • Also, you can disseminate your referral code with your mates by using Refer Friend click button.

How to Add Funds to Vision 11 Fantasy App?

It is very simple to add money to the Vision 11 fantasy app; here, we will share infrequent steps to add money.

  1. Open App and Connect on the Account option on the bottom menu.

2. Then, Click on the Add Cash button.

3. Enter the Amount and click the Add Cash button.

4. After that, select the Payment Option and Finish the transaction.

Vision 11 delivers two options to handle the withdrawal.

  1. Normal Withdrawal
  2. Instant Withdrawal

First, you must verify your Vision 11 fantasy app account to make a withdrawal, and then you should have a minimum of 100 rupees in your winnings account of Vision 11 to get a withdrawal. If you have already verified your Vision 11 Fantasy App account and finished the lowest payment threshold, you are ready to take the withdrawal with yourself.

Here, we will disseminate some steps to get a withdrawal.

  • Go to the Account section.
  • Click on the Withdrawl option.
  • Choose one from the Withdrawal options: Normal Withdrawal/Instant Withdrawal.
  • Then, Join the withdrawal amount and click on the Withdrawal button.

The minimum withdrawal limit in the Vision 11 app is Rs100 in Paytm and bank accounts, and the utmost amount you can withdraw is up to Rs10,000 in your Paytm wallet and Rs 2,00,000 in your bank account.

What We Adore And What We Don't Adore On Vision 11 App

  • Low Competition, but the user base is gradually growing
  • Good Brand Value, Trustworthy and safe.
  • Noteworthy Brand ambassadors
  • Awesome Referral Program
  • Very increased initial praise
  • 24×7 customer help services
  • Very Low payout, Rs. 100, etc.


  • ID verification is required for withdrawal, But this makes the app safer
  • The prize pool is not as increased as a few other apps, etc.

Participating In Competitions

In this, you have to participate in any one competition, and you have to invest some money to enter the Competition. You have to make the team; the team-making process is given above if the selected players perform well. If you do, then you get money. In this way, you can make money by participating in the Competition.

Team Forming Rules On Vision 11 App

To earn money from the Vision 11 app, you must make the team on the Vision 11 app.

Before forming a team, you need to keep these things in mind.

1) You have to choose 11 players from both teams.

2) You can take a maximum of 7 players from 1 team and four from another team; if you want, you can take six players from 1 team and six from another team.

3) You must choose at least one wicketkeeper and a maximum of four wicketkeepers.

4) You must choose at least one batsman and six batters.

5) You must select at least one all-rounder and, at most, six all-rounders.

6) You have to choose at least one bowler and a maximum of 6 bowlers

7) To make you a team, wicketkeeper, batters, all-rounder, bowlers, these four are needed, even if there is not only one player but all four are needed.

8) You will be given 100 points for choosing 11 players; you have to choose 11 players from the same 100.

9) If you have to edit the team, then you can edit the team up to 2 minutes before the start of the match; you cannot edit the team after the match starts.

Vision 11's Marketing Campaigns

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For the mega marketing of the fantasy sports platform in 2021 – Vision11 has signed up kabaddi players, cricketers, wrestlers, athletes, and entertainers from Bollywood, TV, and OTT. The platform seeks to expand its reach to potential users through famous figures in different industries like entertainment and sports.

For their campaigning, the fantasy platform has recently partnered with Harshal Patel (Purple Cap holder in IPL 2021) and Manish Pandey and Varun Chakravarthy to target cricket fans across India. All these players got a great session and recognizable performances, which makes them fan favorites.

Vision11 used social media platforms during IPL and T20 World Cup to influence cricket fans by posting relatable content about their favorite players. The one-to-one interaction; and promotional videos inspire cricket fans to participate on fantasy sports platforms and prove the game's legitimacy.

The platform has also hired kabaddi players like Pradeep Narwal and Rahul Choudhari under their social media marketing campaign targeting fantasy kabaddi fans which is just a futuristic marketing approach for Pro Kabaddi League. Under the athlete marketing campaign, Vision11 hired The Great Khali – an Indian Wrestler.

To increase the reach of the fantasy platforms and get a wider audience, Vision11 collaborated with a few entertainers from Bollywood, TV, and OTT like Diana Khan, Shazahn Padamsee, Prem Chopra, and several others to maximize the reach and spread the knowledge about the fantasy sports platform. The platform can provide genuine feedback and establish credibility using video clips of their personal experience.

Talking about the associations, tie-ups, and engagement, Rawal Parth – CEO of Vision11, stated, "The Premier League season used to be a tough time for users to get distracted and a great opportunity for businesses like us to increase engagement. There're back-to-back leagues that users want to be associated with in 2021, and with famous faces, it's a really quick way to grab their attention. That's why we are making these tie-ups for our marketing campaigns that will be used for brand advertising on several platforms."

Moreover, the individual associations, vision11, tend to make it more accurate and accountable by partnering with established clubs and teams like BFC (Bengaluru Football Club) and Salem Spartans, an outstanding team in Tamil Nadu Premier League.

Should You Join Vision 11 or Not?

Vision11 Fantasy App is a legitimate and legal fantasy gaming platform that allows you to leverage your enthusiasm to play your favorite games and earn real money rewards. However, sports fantasy games are always risky, and users shall do their due diligence before signing up for any such platform or game. The user is always at risk of losing all his money.